Day: August 22, 2019

Was @BernieSanders the last useful idiot to make a pilgrimage to the USSR?


Victoria’s Suicidal 50% Renewable Energy Target Set to Wreck Grid & Drive Power Prices Into Orbit


Want to know what a 50% RET does to grid stability and power prices, then look no further than South Australia.

Despite some desperate wind industry propaganda efforts suggesting that South Australians are currently enjoying 1970s power prices, Australia’s renewable energy capital still pays the world’s highest power prices – thanks to its ludicrous 50% Renewable Energy Target.

SA’s 50% RET was the product of an unhinged state Labor government. At the last Federal election, Bill Shorten campaigned on a policy of delivering the South Australian ‘experience’ to every other state in the Commonwealth, with a 50% RET to be enforced nationwide.

The promise has long been that if we roll-out millions more solar panels and thousands more of these things – coupled up with mythical mega-batteries – power prices must surely plummet. They haven’t (see above); and there’s much worse to come.

Where Bill Shorten failed in his bid…

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More Watergate mythologizing: Woodward, Bernstein ‘let facts speak’ and Nixon fell

Media Myth Alert

It’s almost predictable: When controversy flares about contemporary practices of American journalists, commentators not infrequently reach back to Watergate for reassurance about how effective and admirable high-minded reporting can be.

Nixon, 1974: Quits, leaves D.C.

The Watergate parable is ever-available if not especially precise. It’s more mythical than accurate, as a commentary the other day in the Boston Herald suggested.

The commentary’s author addressed the recent, overwrought controversy about a front-page headline in the New York Times that many of its readers, and staffers, thought was too generous to President Donald Trump.

“Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism,” declared the headline, which survived only the Times’ first print edition of August 6. The newspaper’s executive editor, Dean Baquet, later termed it “a f*cking mess” that editors quickly reworked.

What interests Media Myth Alert is not so much the agitation about the Times’ headline as the Herald’s hero-treatment of…

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My @NZGreens’ proposed Parliamentary Budget Office is more Machiavellian than meets the eye @DomPost op-ed