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Why Do Cats Like To Sleep With Us?


August 11, 1945: US Responds to Surrender Offer

Almost Chosen People


On receipt of the Japanese offer to surrender, the decision was quickly made by Harry Truman as to the US response.  From his August 10, 1945 diary entry:

“Ate lunch at my desk and discussed the Jap offer to surrender which came in a couple of hours earlier. They wanted to make a condition precedent to the surrender. Our terms are ‘unconditional’. They wanted to keep the Emperor. We told ’em we’d tell ’em how to keep him, but we’d make the terms.”

Truman ordered that no more atomic bomb attacks be made, although conventional attacks be continued.  When the press misinterpreted an Army Air Corps briefing that mentioned that no bombers were flying over Japan due to bad weather on August 11, 1945, Truman ordered a halt to conventional attacks so the Japanese would not be confused on his willingness to give them a short time to consider the…

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Own Goal: Michael Moore Documentary Tackles Dark Side of Wind & Solar


Renewable energy zealots must hit the panic button when someone from their own team calls the wind and solar ‘industries’ rotten to the core. The hard green-left and so-called “progressives” take as an article of faith that those among them will worship wind and solar until kingdom come. So, when one of their own starts spilling the beans on what is the greatest economic and environmental fraud of all time, collective apoplexy soon follows their sense of bewildered betrayal.

The chubby, hot dog munching Michael Moore has made his own small industry in attacking all manner of capitalist endeavours, including the American small arms industry (Bowling for Columbine), its healthcare industry (Sicko) and the entire capital system itself (Capitalism: A Love Story).

Now Moore has turned his peculiar brand of conspiratorial cynicism on the climate industrial complex, pointing out that subsidised wind and solar are just another rort being exploited…

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UNRELIABLES UPDATE : Households Will Be Offered Cash To Switch Off Their Air Conditioners And Help Prevent Blackouts This Summer


CASH payments for Energy Poverty - CLIMATISM.png CASH payments for Energy Poverty – CLIMATISM

Renewable energy technologies simply won’t work; we need a fundamentally different approach.” – Top Google engineers

“We get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That’s the only reason to build them. They don’t make sense without the tax credit.” – Warren Buffett

“Suggesting that renewables will let us phase rapidly off fossil fuels in the United States, China, India, or the world as a whole is almost the equivalent of believing in the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy.” – James Hansen (The Godfather of global warming alarmism and former NASA climate chief)


WESTERN climate change-theory-obsessed politicians continue their ruinous and costly obsession with wind and solar ‘energy’. UNreliable ‘power’ that repeatedly fails the environment, communities and economies wherever installed.

ENERGY poverty, blackouts, skyrocketing power bills, business and heavy industry closures, grid…

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Japanese government acknowledges the global warming pause

Iowa Climate Science Education

Instead of discouraging the use of coal, Japan is increasing its number of coal-fired power plants by 35 percent.

Data from the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) clearly indicates that there has been no significant deviation in the monthly average temperature between 1998 and 2018.

Global Warming ‘Pause’ – UAH – Sep 2018-1998

Apparently based on that knowledge, Prime Minister Shinzō Abe has sanctioned  the addition of 35 new coal power plants to the 100 currently operational.

Since no sane country would want to reduce its energy supplies when average temperatures are declining, I think Abe is responding wisely to the new climate reality. 

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“At last the edifice of their Totalitarianism may be showing the first signs of crumbling,” says David.

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BREAKING – Dr. Tim Ball wins @MichaelEMann lawsuit – Mann has to pay

Iowa Climate Science Education

BREAKING ? Dr. Tim Ball wins @MichaelEMann lawsuit ? Mann has to pay

Readers surely recall that the easily offended Dr. Michael Mann launched a court case for defamation against climate skeptic Dr. Tim Ball of Canada.

In Feburary 2018 there was a complete dismissal in the lawsuit brought against Dr. Ball by Andrew Weaver of Canada, also for ?defamation?.

The Weaver defamation case involved an article Ball wrote saying that the IPCC had diverted almost all climate research funding and scientific investigation to anthropogenic global warming (AGW). This meant that there was virtually no advance in the wider understanding of climate and climate change. Ball referenced an interview with Weaver and attempts by a student to arrange a debate. Ball made some comments that were not fully substantiated, so they became the base of the defamation lawsuit.

That case was completely dismissed, you can read more here.


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