Day: August 24, 2019

69 kg class male lifter can lift both female weight plus the 69kg female weightlifter lifting the female Olympic record weight

‘Green’ Magic: Wind & Solar ‘Transition’ The Greatest Con Job in History

Elon Musk convinced South Australians to spend $150 million on a battery with a nominal capacity of 100MW, that could power the state for all of four minutes.


Sunset and calm weather mean that wind and solar will never be meaningful power sources. Talk about ‘storage’ overcoming their chaotic intermittency, is just that: talk. The sum total of the world’s grid scale storage capacity for electricity is risible.

The biggest single battery in the world, sits in a sheep paddock in South Australia’s mid-North. Reefer-smoking Tesla tycoon, Elon Musk convinced South Australians to spend $150 million on a battery with a nominal capacity of 100MW, that could power the state for all of four minutes. Now that’s salesmanship!

The reality is that for the wind and solar industries to amount to anything other than subsidy sucking parasites, they’re going to need to pull the proverbial rabbit out of a hat.

As Mark Mills details below, getting wind and solar to work requires a very special kind of magic. The kind that suspends physics, meteorology, economics and our good…

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Another New York Times editor with a history of bigoted tweets

Why Evolution Is True

Tom Wright-Piersanti is a senior staff editor at the New York Times, and, according to many sources, including the Washington Examiner, The Hill, the New York Post, and so on, it was found that he had a long history of pretty blatant anti-Asian and anti-Semitic remarks in his Twitter feed. Granted, this was about nine years ago, but that history shows someone who, at least then, wasn’t exactly open-minded about certain issues. (Oh hell, let’s just say he was a “bigot”.)

Now the Times fired Quinn Norton as a tech writer over her history of questionable tweets, but decided to retain tech editor Sarah Jeong, who had an equally questionable history of bigoted postings on Twitter (see all my posts on Jeong here). Jeong was allowed to keep her prestigious position at the Times after issuing an apology and saying that her offensive tweets were…

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Australia facing energy reliability challenges says report

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Power lines in Victoria, Australia [credit: Wikipedia]
The long-term consequences of exchanging on-demand for unpredictable power generation are not hard to figure out. But political leaders in some countries prefer to ignore such issues, in favour of a questionable ideology that guarantees problems in their increasingly unreliable electricity systems.

A report from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) is a stark reminder of the reliability challenges facing the country’s National Electricity Market (NEM), says PEI.

The Andrews Labour government has been accused of failing to properly replace ageing infrastructure which has created unnecessary risk to the affordability and reliability of the NEM.

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