Day: August 25, 2019

The Marxist Lie of White Privilege: Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

American Elephants

We’ve been hearing a lot about “White Privilege” lately, with the Democrats’ shift from collusion to race, race, race. Interesting to find out where it all comes from.

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‘Green’ Hypocrites Want Industrial Wind Turbines in YOUR Backyard, But Never in Theirs


The green is always ready to spear hundreds of giant 240m (787ft) industrial wind turbines – into your backyard, but goes nuts if the ‘favour’ might be returned. Destroying your patch of paradise is a sacrifice that he is always willing to make.

When former Greens leader, Dr Bob Brown started railing about the prospect of a few of these things being planted in the North-West of his home State, Tasmania, the cry of ‘monstrous hypocrite’ could be heard far and wide. But in the green hypocrisy Olympics, Dr Bob is far from alone.

There’s an almost uncanny relationship between the location of the loudest proponents of these things and the likelihood that they will ever be forced to suffer life in their flickering shadows.

But it’s not simply ignorance of the plight of those rural residents driven mad in their homes or driven out of them by the practically…

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BBC News ‘contextualises’ terror attack with ‘settlements’ and ‘international law’

BBC Watch

Roughly four hours after a terror attack took place near Dolev on August 23rd the BBC News website published a written report headlined “Israeli teenage girl killed in West Bank bomb attack” and a filmed report titled “West Bank bomb blast kills 17-year-old Israeli girl”.

The synopsis to the filmed report states: [all emphasis added]

“An Israeli teenage girl has been killed and her father and brother injured in a suspected Palestinian militant attack at a natural spring near a settlement in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli military says an improvised explosive device was used.”

All four versions of the written report similarly opened by telling readers that:

“A 17-year-old Israeli girl has been killed in a bomb attack near a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, the Israeli military says.”

A Tweet promoting the article used the same terminology:


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Robotic surgery!

Why Evolution Is True

Since I had robotic surgery yesterday, I’ve become fascinated with this marvelous innovation in medicine. I’ve looked at a bunch of videos, and found two to post: one with a general introduction to the machines and their use, from the BBC, and the other showing how dextrous the robot is.

When I was wheeled into the operating theater, I asked to see the robot, and I’m pretty sure it was one of the da Vinci machines. It was all covered with plastic, for it had been sterilized, and it was on the other side of the room. (I don’t know whether the surgeon was next to me when he wielded it.)

I can see now why they told me I couldn’t have local anesthesia, as I had requested, to observe my operation: imagine how freaked out you’d be to see those big metal arms descending on your belly! But I…

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