Day: September 2, 2019

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Rogue Prorogations? Suspending Parliament in the Later Middle Ages

The History of Parliament

In addition to Dr Vivienne Larminie’s blog about averting the prorogation of Parliament in May 1641, here’s Dr Hannes Kleineke of our House of Commons 1422-1504 project on the origins of the practice of prorogation and examples thereof in the later Middle Ages…

Until recent days, prorogations of Parliament have generally been regarded as an arcane piece of parliamentary theatre, of limited concern to anyone except those interested in the historic procedures and ceremonial of the British legislature. Certainly, the procedure of proroguing Parliament, that is, suspending the meetings of the Lords and Commons until a set future date is of venerable antiquity. The earliest English Parliaments generally met for only a few days, and there was thus no call for these assemblies to be interrupted and resumed. The earliest examples of what was formally styled a ‘prorogation’ thus served to allow for a change of originally…

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