Day: September 4, 2019

Lest we forget

Point of Order

On   September 3, at 9.30pm 80 years ago, New Zealand declared war on Germany. International tensions had steadily risen from mid-year as Germany became more bellicose. On August 24 the Government declared an Alert State. The Government offered the 30 Vickers Wellington bombers ordered for the new RNZAF to the British Government and this was accepted with alacrity.

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The Man Who Would Be Queen: Michael Bailey: {Part Two}

Gender Abolitionist

Part 2:  The Man Who Would Be Queen: A reading.

Having seen many references to this book I have finally got around to tackling it.  The full text is available free on line here:  The Man Who Would Be Queen

The author is sympathetic to gay and trans rights,  a lot of his research has a focus on evolutionary theory and adaptive, or maladaptive, responses to the environment.  So expect some evolutionary biology & some interrogation of nature v nurture. There is plenty to challenge long cherished beliefs, both for TransActivists & radical feminists. Since it needs saying in 2019, I don’t agree with every single word!


My reading is motivated by a concern for women’s, sex based, rights and the premature medicalisation of Gay males. The book doesn’t cover females who transition or theories of the origins of Lesbianism.  He does, briefly, touch on Androphilia (Women who identify as…

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The Feminist Article the Green Party has Banned:

Lesbian Rights Aotearoa

This opinion piece appeared in the 2019 Spring issue of Te Awa (the NZ Green Party’s newsletter) at this link. Marama Davidson, a Green Party Co-Leader and Member of Parliament, has since said this article “puts trans rights to exist up for debate” and it’s been removed.

Solutions that are Fair to Everyone

I am writing a personal response to Jan Logie’s words in the last Te Awa, where she says: “We continue to push for progress on LGBTQI+ freedoms, and resist the backlash that’s trying to undermine our trans and gender diverse whanau and roll back their hard-won rights”.

Who is the “we” in this statement? Is it the Rainbow Greens? I am a lesbian, supposedly under their umbrella, but I am part of the backlash. Is it the whole Green Party? I am a long-time Greens member, but I am part of the backlash. If…

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