CNN Held a Big “Climate Forum” So the Remaining Democrat Candidates Could Show Off Their Ignorance

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CNN had a big “Climate Forum.” Seven hours of the remaining Democrat candidates for the presidency, trying desperately to find the magic key to the votes of everyone who is worried about the end of the earth and Climate Change. Marc Morano, proprietor of Climate Depot watched all seven hours so you didn’t have to. (He is also the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change which you can order at the website.) Journal Nature has named Morano as the Number One contrarian in the media (#1 out of 386 skeptics) You can watch his appearance on Fox and Friends with the link at Climate Depot. It’s pretty clear that not only have the Democrat candidates never read any of the science of climate, but neither have the reporters at CNN.

The remaining Democrat candidates want desperately to appeal to everyone concerned about Climate Change and the…

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One thought on “CNN Held a Big “Climate Forum” So the Remaining Democrat Candidates Could Show Off Their Ignorance”

  1. could not be more ignorant than Trump.

    The last time this bloke talked about the science it was NOT science. If it was it would not be on Fox.

    Very anti-intellectual as most of the American ( and now Australian) right is now


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