Day: September 8, 2019

Thomas Sargent on rational expectations and the effect of taxes

Would these tech giants ever have become superstars if their founders had to sell down their controlling interests years ago to pay their wealth taxes

Wind Industry Crisis Spreads: German & Australian Environmentalists Turn Against Pointless & Destructive Wind Power


The inevitable backlash against wind power started in Germany and it’s spreading, fast. The fact that chaotically intermittent wind power can’t be delivered as and when power consumers need it means the wanton destruction of pristine wilderness, bucolic landscapes, rural communities, and millions of birds and bats (including plenty of species on the brink of extinction) is pretty hard to justify.

Even the most delusional eco-zealots are struggling. And, apparently, cognitive dissonance has lost its ability to overcome their niggling internal doubts.

In Australia, Dr Bob Brown, former leader of the Australian Greens, was one of the first to break ranks when a few of these things were threatened for the remote North-West of his home State, Tasmania: Hyper-Hypocrites: Greens Love Wind Power – In Your Backyard – But Never In Theirs

In Germany, real environmentalists are mounting a well-oiled revolt against the destruction of forests – the natural habitat of…

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P. T. Bauer on the ravages of colonialism


Acemoglu and Robinson do their best at blaming colonialism for Africa’s woes. Made the terrible preexisting institutions worse?

Bari Weiss discusses her new book and anti-Semitism

Why Evolution Is True

Bari Weiss is a New York Times columnist who, like me, is a Trump-hating Leftist who criticizes the Left. The result, of course, is that she’s been demonized by the Left, and by many writers at her own paper. Her generally pro-Israel views don’t help, either.  Weiss’s new book, How to Fight Anti-Semitism will be out September 10. In this 75-minute discussion with political journalist Michael Barbaro, Weiss not only discusses her book, but anti-Semitism in general.

Among the topics Weiss covers are why Jews should oppose Trump and the Republican party, why BDS (and “anti-Zionism”) is anti-Semitic, why Jews are considered “white” and Palestinians are not, why anti-Jewish hate crimes don’t make the news, how and why anti-Semitism manifests itself on the Left, and why the UN repeatedly condemns Israel a gazillion times more often than it condemns far worse regimes. She’ll let you know why she says, “Anyone…

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