Day: September 9, 2019

Thousands complain about solar panels


By Paul Homewood

h/t John Hultquist


Thousands of people who bought solar panels have complained to a financial watchdog that they are not bringing them the returns they were promised.

Many people took out loans to pay for panels on the promise they would save thousands of pounds in electricity costs and make money generating power.

They say they have not had the expected savings, and the Financial Services Ombudsman has had 2,000 complaints.

Barclays Bank has put aside £38m to deal with potential claims.

Brian Thompson from Rowlands Gill, Gateshead, told BBC Inside Out he was contacted by a salesman for PV Solar UK but told him he did not want to take a loan on as he was preparing for retirement.

He said he was told the move would provide money towards his pension, which persuaded him, and he took out a loan with Barclays of more than…

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Bill Maher on Americans Of Size

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s a segment from this week’s “Real Time” show in which Bill Maher addresses the epidemic of obesity among Americans. While he, like me, is against “fat shaming”—telling obese people that they need to lose weight (that’s their doctors’ job), we both object to the recent movement to de-stigmatize obesity by pretending that it’s not harmful. Of course it is: it’s associated, as Maher says, with nearly every health issue you can imagine. Yet with the rise of the “body acceptance movement,” we constantly see claims that you can be “healthy at every size“.

But that’s not true. On average, you’re less healthy if you’re obese. In a 2010 National Institutes of Health study, researchers found a decrease in longevity with every ranked step up on the body mass index (BMI).  And overweight people know this. As Grania used to tell me, “You don’t have to tell people…

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The Man Who Would Be Queen: Michael Bailey: {Part Three}

Gender Abolitionist

Part 3:  The Man Who Would Be Queen: Autogynephiles.

Having seen many references to this book I have finally got around to tackling it.  The full text is available free  here: The Man Who Would Be Queen

Bailey is clearly fascinated with the topic of transsexualism and immerses himself in their subculture to recruit “subjects” for his research. He is not, at least in this book, concerned with the legislative framework to protect transsexuals. He also or doesn’t examine how any such laws that interacts with those enacted to protect the female sex.  His exposition of the underlying, erotic, motivations for transition does, however, reinforce the need for women’s, sex based, rights.

Bailey, uses prominent researcher Ray Blanchard’s  typology of transsexuals which differentiate between HSTS (homosexual transsexuals) and AGP transsexuals. The wider public, and many commentators, are either ignorant about this typology or reject it. Bailey believes transsexualism could illuminate…

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