Power Drain: Risible Reliance on Intermittent Wind & Solar Means Summer Blackouts Beckon


Now you’ve made your acquaintance, get on and start using it.

Subsidised into existence, intermittent wind and solar now pose existential threats to Australia’s once reliable power supply, this summer and beyond.

No industrialised country has ever run itself on sunshine and breezes; no country serious about maintaining first world living standards, ever will.

So just how Australia’s energy boffins still cling to the notion that wind and solar are meaningful parts of the so-called ‘energy mix’, remains a mystery.

Ross Fitzgerald attempts to unravel that mystery in a pertinent and timely article below.

Don’t Leave Us in the Dark, Mr Morrison
Quadrant Online
Ross Fitzgerald
19 September 2019

Just now, the Morrison government still seems secure. Its narrow but decisive win has shattered an opposition that had thought it was coasting to victory. The Labor Party is about to begin a civil war between green-left ideologues and old-fashioned pragmatists…

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One thought on “Power Drain: Risible Reliance on Intermittent Wind & Solar Means Summer Blackouts Beckon”

  1. Why is AEMO worried about COAL FIRED power stations breaking down and producing black outs as they are wont to do.

    If only this blog and you actually knew something about power


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