Labour conference motion on Israel-Palestine: both unachievable and reactionary

Shiraz Socialist (Second Run)

Above: Jews celebrate the declaration of the state of Israel in 1948

Labour Party conference passed a motion on Israel-Palestine, but shoehorned into the same session as Brexit, with no debate, and even less understanding of the issues.

The motion supports a majority-Palestinian state within the territory of Israel-Palestine, but in a fashion suffused with political dishonesty, written to hide rather than explain the issues.

The motion is premised on an “internationalist Labour Party” having particular responsibility “because of the role Britain played as a colonial power during the 1948 Nabka when Palestinians were forcibly displaced from their homes.”

That is nonsense. From the end of World War 2, Britain refused entry for Jewish refugees into Palestine, already heavily restricted during the war and the Holocaust. An increasingly violent Jewish insurgency in Palestine fought the British.

In 1947 Britain handed the problem to the UN, which proposed the partition of Palestine into…

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One thought on “Labour conference motion on Israel-Palestine: both unachievable and reactionary”

  1. Insurgency eh/ most people would call then terrorists.
    They went on to murder 100s if not more Palestinians to gain the state of Israel as well as taking their homes.


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