Reboot Required: Fixing Wind & Solar Debacle Means Winding the Clock Back 30 Years


Lamenting their rocketing power bills and dreading mass blackouts this coming summer, Australians can be forgiven for their sense of despair.

Australians once enjoyed the world’s cheapest power, reliably delivered, just like running water. No one talked about their power bills at backyard barbecues, or kept promising themselves that must have diesel generator to keep the lights on and freezers working.

But, like most things taken for granted, reliable and affordable electricity is only missed when it’s gone. And in Australia’s case, thanks to an obsession with chaotically intermittent and heavily subsidised wind and solar, it’s gone for good.

Wrecking an entire power generation and distribution system takes effort, but it can be done: ask a South Australian. Their self-inflicted renewable energy calamity didn’t start in earnest until 2002, when a bunch of ex-Enron crooks lobbed into town: How a Band of Criminals, Shysters & Chancers Conjured Up the Wind…

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One thought on “Reboot Required: Fixing Wind & Solar Debacle Means Winding the Clock Back 30 Years”

  1. okay both the Grattan Institute and the ACCC examined why power prices rose so much over the last 10 years.
    The Grattan Institute had 83% of the reasons associated with privatisation i.e gold plating of the grid, profit margins and rise in wholes sale prices. the ACC had it at 80%.
    Fancy this crock of a blog not knowing that.
    New Solar PV is by far the cheapest form of power. wind is almost as cheap as OLD coal. it is half the cost of NEW coal fired power stations.
    So thes fools want even higher prices!!

    Just remember quite a few people think new solar PV wil be around $30 MWh by 2025. That is as cheap as old coal ever was but without the emissions!


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