Day: October 12, 2019

Few Nobel prize winners in science because few women undertook long duration degrees in the 60s because of no reliable contraception



Pielke Jr.: Net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050 requires a new nuclear power plant every day 

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Ringhals nuclear power site, Sweden [image credit: Vattenfall]
Or, theoretically at least, an equivalent amount of power from other so-called ‘green’ sources, requiring vastly greater amounts of non-renewable mined materials than are currently available – assuming they even exist on such large scales. Not to mention all the other practical difficulties of such dodgy ideas.

What makes achieving Net Zero by 2050 impossible is a failure to accurately understand the scale of the challenge and the absence of policy proposals that match that scale, says Roger Pielke Jr. @ Forbes (via The GWPF).

More than a decade ago, Gwyn Prins and Steve Rayner characterized climate policy as an “auction of promises” in which politicians “vied to outbid each other with proposed emissions targets that were simply not achievable.”

For instance, among Democrats competing for the presidency in 2020, several, including Joe Biden, have committed to achieving net-zero carbon dioxide emissions by…

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The discounting of Cook’s claims to a famous first – but who drew the first map of NZ?

Point of Order

Moana Jackson, described as a “Te Tiriti specialist” in a recent Stuff report, dismissed Tuia 250 as a load of humbug.

To celebrate the dual heritage of navigation across the Pacific, he contended, “then it wouldn’t be Tuia 250, it would be Tuia 2000 or something.”

More egregious, to “commemorate” Captain James Cook’s arrival in this country seems “weird” to Jackson:

“When it comes to explorers, you usually make a big deal of whoever did something first.

“Neil Armstrong is acknowledged as the first astronaut to land on the Moon. There’s no real celebration of the 12th astronaut to land on the Moon. And Cook wasn’t even the 12th navigator to sail across the Pacific.

“So I’m not sure what the baseline was for commemorating him – except that he has become an important part of the misremembering of colonising history.”

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