Physical injuries as a result of domestic violence


These are data compiled by the UK ONS (Office for National Statistics) from the CSEW (Crime Survey for England and Wales). Data source here:

Physical injuries and other effects felt as a result of partner abuse experienced in the last year ending March 2018 CSEW

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Components of the Social Justice Cult


1. Patriarchy theory.
2. Safe spaces.
3. Trauma/triggering.
4. Suppression of due process.
5. Suppression of science.
6. Suppression of free speech.
7. The false accusations industry.
8. The domestic violence industry.
9. Unconscious bias.
10. Diversity ideology.
11. Toxic masculinity/male privilege.
12. Infantilization of women.
13. #metoo witch hunting.
14. Mobbing.
15. Puritanism & moral panic.

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Media myth as cliché: ‘The War of the Worlds’ radio ‘panic’

Media Myth Alert

The anniversary of the famous War of the Worlds radio dramatization in 1938 inevitably brings news media references to the panic and hysteria the program supposedly set off across the United States.

Chicago Herald Examiner about War of the Worlds broadcastFront page of the Chicago Herald Examiner, Halloween, 1938

Such references have become like a cliché, unoriginal assertions blithely made, and yet immune to compelling contrary evidence.

Take, for one example, the claim casually offered the other day on a local television news program in Salt Lake City. The news reader introduced a segment recalling the 1938 show by declaring:

“In eight decades, nothing has really scared our country like the old War of the Worlds broadcast.”

No supporting evidence accompanied that claim, as if the presumed effects of the broadcast of October 30, 1938, are so accepted that documentation isn’t necessary.

The War of the Worlds dramatization aired over CBS radio and starred 23-year-old Orson…

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Why People Are So Unreasonable These Days

Science Matters

For some reason, many intellectuals who identify as philosophical skeptics embrace large chunks of climate dogma without critical examination. Steven Pinker is part of the progressive clan, and shares their blind spot, but speaks wisely in a recent article about the precarious balance between reason and intolerance these days. Some excerpts in italics with my bolds show his keen grasp of many aspects of the problems in contemporary discourse, even while he nods superficially to the climate consensus.  His article at is Why We Are Not Living in a Post-Truth Era:  An (Unnecessary) Defense of Reason and a (Necessary) Defense of Universities’ Role in Advancing it.

Humans Are Rational Beings

In the first part Pinker does a good job clearing away several arguments that humans are not primarily rational anyway.  For example, he summarizes:

So if anyone tries to excuse irrationality and dogma by pointing a finger at…

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Numerical Nonsense: Why Claims Wind & Solar Can Power the Planet Just Don’t Add Up


That troubled teenage, Greta the Fretter has reignited the nonsense that we’re a heartbeat away from an all wind and sun powered future. The girl that that can see carbon dioxide gas, heads up a mathematically challenged group, who pronounce the time and date when the world will happily operate without generating any CO2 at all, with the profound certainty of the shaman and soothsayers, of old.

Renewable energy rent seekers actively encourage the farcical notion that wind and solar will deliver the results sought by Greta & Co, namely a world that runs entirely on sunshine and breezes, eliminating carbon dioxide emissions, into the bargain.

Keen to rain on their parade, Tony Thomas crunches the numbers below.

Maths is Hard for the Green-Minded
Quadrant Online
Tony Thomas
15 October 2019

Politicians and climate alarmists are running what amounts to a promises auction about getting the world to zero net…

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Dr. King will always be right

The Angels – ‘Take A Long Line’ Classic Countdown

Kydland and Prescott on the demise of Keynesian macroeconomics


Parents clamored for the first vaccines


4 direct questions you might get in Germany | DW English

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