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George Orwell: The Uncompromising Visionary

Riot Act: Cops Arrest 160 Outraged Hawaiians Fighting Against Mega-Wind Power Project


No matter where the wind industry plies its subsidy-soaked trade, rural folk soon turn hostile. The German wind industry is at a standstill, not only because subsidies have been wound down, but also as a result of furious rural residents – fed up with being driven nuts in their homes, or being driven out of them, altogether by incessant low-frequency noise and infrasound – blocking projects and taking developers to court.

As we’ve reported recently, Hawaiians are on the war path, too.

The protesters number in their hundreds, and their perfectly understandable fury has been met with heavy-handed policing, with over 160 Hawaiians being cuffed and carted away. Here’s a report from NZ’s Maori News on a battle for Hawaii’s heart and soul.

“Bad night” in Hawaii as arrests rise to 161
Te Ao Maori News
Mare Haimona-Riki
16 November 2019

More than 25 people were arrested in…

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@AmnestyNZ claims claims Manus island asylum seekers “can never leave” PNG. 42% returned home so Amnesty complains about that too

Anti-Black Bias on the IAT predicts Pro-Black Bias in Behavior


Over 20 years ago, Anthony Greenwald and colleagues introduced the Implicit Association Test (IAT) as a measure of individual differences in implicit bias (Greenwald et al., 1998). The assumption underlying the IAT is that individuals can harbour unconscious, automatic, hidden, or implicit racial biases. These implicit biases are distinct from explicit bias. Somebody could be consciously unbiased, while their unconscious is prejudice. Theoretically, the opposite would also be possible, but taking IAT scores at face value, the unconscious is more prejudice than conscious reports of attitudes imply. It is also assumed that these implicit attitudes can influence behavior in ways that bypass conscious control of behavior. As a result, implicit bias in attitudes leads to implicit bias in behavior.

The problem with this simple model of implicit bias is that it lacks scientific support. In a recent review of validation studies, I found no scientific evidence that the IAT measures…

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Why Apocalyptic Claims About Climate Change Are Wrong

“I looked through IPCC reports and see no reference to billions of people going to die, or children in 20 years. How would they die?”


By Paul Homewood

Well worth a read. Environmentalist Michael Schellenberger attacks climate apocalypse claims:


Environmental journalists and advocates have in recent weeks made a number of apocalyptic predictions about the impact of climate change. Bill McKibben suggested climate-driven fires in Australia had made koalas “functionally extinct.” Extinction Rebellion said “Billions will die” and “Life on Earth is dying.” Vice claimed the “collapse of civilization may have already begun.”

Few have underscored the threat more than student climate activist Greta Thunberg and Green New Deal sponsor Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The latter said, “The world is going to end in 12 years if we don’t address climate change.” Says Thunberg in her new book, “Around 2030 we will be in a position to set off an irreversible chain reaction beyond human control that will lead to the end of our civilization as we know it.”

Sometimes, scientists themselves make apocalyptic claims…

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Zingales: … would you be in favor of breaking up Standard Oil? Cowen: If Standard Oil were giving away the oil for free, no. 

How Populism Works: Charles J Haughey and the Perils of Walking on Water- Part one: Rise and Fall, and Rise

RGS History


I want to write about a politician who made himself the central political figure in his lifetime. He had charisma, the popular touch, and his ambition knew no bounds; he even had a splendid mane of sometimes unruly hair. He was the darling of his party, who knew exactly how to tickle exactly the right place on the membership’s funny bone. He was the chancer’s chancer, playing fast and loose throughout his career with fact, policy, law, the public finances and his personal life. More than once his career, rocked by scandal, seemed over, but he bounced back.

And he became prime minister.

Nothing ever stuck. Back in September 1985, whilst leader of the opposition, whilst sailing to his privately owned island off the coast of Co Kerry, his private yacht came close to the rocks and he had to be saved by the local lifeboat crew. Later, standing the…

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Blown Away: Counting the Colossal Cost of Cleaning Up ‘Clean’ Energy’s Monstrous Mess


Giant industrial wind turbines have an economic lifespan around 15 years, after which the chances are that they’ll be left to rust in some idiot’s back paddock.

Decommissioning these things properly at a sizeable wind farm would run into the hundreds of millions. Then there’s the toxic waste.

Already, thousands of 45-70m blades are being ground up and mixed with concrete used in the bases of other turbines erected later or simply dumped in landfill. Which should worry locals: the plastics in the blades are highly toxic, and contain Bisphenol A, which is so dangerous to health that the European Union and Canada have banned it.

Following that theme, Tony Thomas takes us on a tour of our wonderful wind powered future.

Inherit the Wind
Quadrant Online
Tony Thomas
7 November 2019

It’s good to know that wind turbine blades are a bird’s best friend, or something like…

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The union wage premium is no more