San Francisco To Drown By 2100


By Paul Homewood


The ground around San Francisco Bay is sinking to meet the rising sea, another reason for Bay Area residents to worry about the impact of climate change on their region.

A new report suggests that sinking land, known as land subsidence, will increase the potential reach and damage of flooding in the Bay Area, submerging a larger portion of the region by the year 2100 than previously estimated.

Subsidence can be caused by groundwater pumping, which can act to “deflate” the ground above it or the gradual compacting of landfill — when lands are filled in an effort to create solid ground to build upon.

The authors of the report — Manoochehr Shirzaei, a professor at Arizona State University and Roland Bürgmann, a professor at University of California, Berkeley — have combined land elevation data with rising sea level projections. And they are now challenging the current…

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Anthony Arnull: The European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill

UK Constitutional Law Association

The European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill is intended to give effect in the UK to the Withdrawal Agreement (WA) agreed by the UK with the EU-27 on 1 October 2019. The Bill received its second reading on 22 October 2019 and is currently in ‘limbo’ pending the start of the committee stage. If and when it is adopted, the Bill will make significant amendments to (inter alia) the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 (EUWA).

Attempts will naturally be made to amend the Bill as it passes through Parliament. At present, it makes no provision for a further referendum to be held before the WA is ratified. Some may seek to change that. It would, however, be futile for amendments to be sought that would require to be done something that lies outside Parliament’s control, such as creating an EU/UK customs union. This would require the WA to be reopened, which

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Sargent on unemployment and welfare states


New Nowhere Land: Australia’s Energy Crisis Deepens With Renewed Renewables Push


Australia’s embattled power consumers thought they were about to get a break, then their PM decided to throw another billion dollars in subsidies to wind and solar. And it’s not like taxpayers and power consumers weren’t already on the hook.

The Federal government’s Large-Scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) is costing all Australian power consumers over $3 billion a year – when the cost of the Small-Scale Renewable Energy Scheme is added – that hidden power tax adds up to almost $5 billion a year. The total cost of both the LRET and SRES will top $60,000,000,000.

On top of that massive stream of subsidies to wind and large-scale solar outfits, and households with panels on their roofs, comes billions in handouts and soft loans from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and the ARENA fund.

The CEFC already had control of $10 billion of taxpayer’s money, ladling that out to…

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Nordhaus explains the title of his book

From the good old days

The Diary of a Gulag Prison Guard, by Ivan Chistyakov, translated by Arch Tait

ANZ LitLovers LitBlog

Let me say at the outset, this is not a book that anyone would read for pleasure.  The Diary of a Gulag Prison Guard is raw and confronting, written by a man struggling to maintain his mental health in an environment designed to brutalise him.  I read it for Vishy’s Red October Russian Reads, and it is indeed a very salutary reminder of the extremes of the Soviet experiment…

It has relevance today because there are, no doubt, similar situations in repressive regimes such as China’s, but also in places like Australia’s detention centres where we know from media reports that it is not just the detainees who suffer mental health problems.  (But we only know this about Australian guards, there are only hostile media reports about PNG local guards and yet it would be surprising if some of them were not also gravely troubled by their work and…

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Men are becoming the second sex


Barack Obama takes on ‘woke’ call-out culture: ‘That’s not activism’

Rare Star Wars 1977 Alec Guinness Interview on Parkinson Talk Show

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