The Teenager who Faked being a Pilot, a Doctor and a Lawyer

Coase (1972) on market concentration

Texan Turmoil: True & Staggering Cost of Wind & Solar Kept Hidden From Power Consumers


The hidden cost of attempting to rely upon sunshine and breezes is truly staggering, ask a German, Dane or South Australian about the power prices they suffer. They’re the world’s highest, by the way. And all three of them compete for bragging rights about which of them has the greatest proportion of renewables in the grid. In short, if you want rocketing power prices just add wind and solar to your grid (see above the Australian experience, so far).

From the get go, renewable energy rent seekers have attempted to conceal a raft of costs associated with the inherent unreliability and chaotic intermittency of wind and solar.

In an address to Indiana’s 21st Century Energy Task Force, Mike Nasi (an electricity markets expert and regulatory attorney) lifts the lid on what the wind and solar ‘industries’ would rather care to avoid.

True costs of renewables – the Texas lesson

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The limits to growth

Logarithmic History

Different decades have been obsessed with different doomsdays. From the 1940s to the early 1960s, people worried especially about nuclear war. From the late 1960s on, fears of overpopulation and ecological doom came to the fore. John Brunner’s Stand on Zanzibar (1968) is still one of the best science fictional imaginings of a planet cracking apart under the stress of overpopulation, a richly detailed piece of world-building. Like all visions of the future, it reflects the time it was conceived in, carrying a sense that the cultural revolutions of the 60s were spinning out of control.

For non-fiction there was The Limits to Growth (1972). Here is Scenario 1 from the book, generated by a computer model of the interaction of population, resources, industry, food, and pollution. Fiddling with the model suggested that it would be very hard to avoid a massive collapse in one form or other. If…

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Where does the claim that we only have ten years left come from?

Trust, yet verify

“We have about ten years before we get into a irreversible situation”, said Nic Balthazar (see previous post). Just as in an earlier interview at the end of December 2018, he based his claim on the IPCC SR15 report that was “clearer than ever”. But then, I read the SR15 report before and I didn’t find anything that suggests that there would be tipping points at a 1.5 C temperature increase.

As far as I know, the SR15 report was commissioned at the 2015 Paris conference and the question back then was: which are the effects of the threshold of 1.5 C (proposed at the conference) compared to the 2 C threshold that was valid until that conference?

That is what I also see in the SR15 report: how do the two thresholds compare. So how on earth does he come to the conclusion that the SR15 report shows that…

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Escaping poverty

UB40 – I Got You Babe ft. Chrissie Hynde

Prankster eats banana from $120,000 work of “art”

Why Evolution Is True

Note: I just saw that this is the post #21,000 on this site. I like round numbers.

As I reported splenetically the other day, an “artwork” consisting of a banana duct-taped to a wall, “created” by “artist” Maurizio Cattelan, sold for $120,000. What a scam, if for no other reason than the banana was going to rot. In fact, Cattelan created two of these “installations”, and the second sold for $150,000, making a cool $270,000 going into the pocket of this charlatan. It also proves that there are “art” lovers with far more money than sense.

I was thus pleased to hear that, according to several sources, a prankster yanked the banana from the wall and ate it. Here’s the New York Times report:

From the article:

Shortly before 2 p.m. on Saturday, a New York City-based performance artist, David Datuna, peeled the taped banana from the…

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New video again shows that Corbyn’s hatred of Israel has no bounds

Jeremy Corbyn’s record of defending, embracing and expressing support for extreme anti-Semites is extremely well-documented, and goes back decades.  Whilst it would be hard to determine which example mostly aptly demonstrates his visceral contempt for Israel and hostility towards Jews qua Jews, a new video surfaced from 2013 which certainly would belong on any short list.

Before commenting on Corbyn’s words, we should point the insidious lie by the preceding speaker in claiming (in response to a question) that no Arab country carried out an expulsion of Jews, which Corbyn of course fails to challenge.

The fact is…

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