Day: April 12, 2018

3-year olds believe in law and order and support the cops cracking down on crime


The politically clueless consider themselves particularly well informed

BBC News claims Gaza stone throwers engaged in ‘peaceful demonstrations’

BBC Watch

After having ignored weeks of preparation for the media-orientated publicity stunt dubbed the ‘Great Return March’ organised by Hamas and other terror factions in the Gaza Strip, early on the morning of March 30th the BBC News website published a report originally titled “Shelling ‘kills Palestinian’ in Gaza” on its main homepage, its ‘World’ page and its Middle East page.

Version 2

The second version of that report described the headlined incident – which took place before dawn – as follows:

“A Palestinian farmer has been killed and a second person wounded by Israeli artillery fire, Palestinian health officials and residents say. […]

Witnesses say the dead and injured men were hit by tank shells while collecting parsley in a field, BBC Gaza producer Rushdi Abualouf reports.”

The claim that the man had been “collecting parsley” was seen in a further fifteen versions of the report. In version three…

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The Joy of Sect: The Simpsons, Scientology, Cults, Christianity, and Islam

Michael A. Sherlock (Author)


In the Simpson’s episode entitled ‘The Joy of Sect’, Homer Simpson is eventually persuaded to join a UFO cult called the ‘Movementarians’.[1]  The episode is a satirical exposition of cults and mainstream religion in America. Within the episode numerous allusions are made to Scientology and UFO cults such as Heaven’s Gate and the Seekers.[2]  The issues satirically addressed within ‘The Joy of Sect’ include: The grandiose promises of bliss and eternal reward;[3] the breaking down of the individual to remould their cognitive constructs in accordance with the cult’s ideology;[4] the employment of various ‘thought reform’ techniques; the indoctrination of children; physical isolation (‘milieu control’) from the outside world;[5] the use of the power of suggestion; the media’s negative reporting on new cults; Scientology’s ‘Project Clearwater’, which was, and continues to be, an attempt to take over the entire town of Clearwater;[6] the insanely long (billion year) contracts for service…

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Don’t use bathroom hot-air hand dryers!

Why Evolution Is True

I almost never use bathroom hand dryers, though I always wash my hands scrupulously (one reason, I think, that I didn’t get colds or the flu this year). But the reason has been time, not sanitation: it takes a long time for those things to dry your mitts, and I don’t like to linger in public bathrooms. Instead, if there are no paper towels, I will shake my hands off and let them air dry.

But now there’s an even better reason to avoid public hand dryers—both the hot-air dryers with nozzles and the jet dryers, shown respectively below:

That reason is bacteria. According to articles in BoingBoing, Ars Technica, and other places, based on a new scientific paper, these dryers spray potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses onto your hands—bacteria you wouldn’t get if you used paper towels or used the Coyne air-drying method.

Why? Because the hot…

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An under-15 boys squad beat U.S. women’s soccer team by much more than 5-2

Most 15-year-old boys have the makings of a young gentleman. If they do not, their mum is watching them and will reach out from home to clip them round the ears if they behave badly towards the women they are playing against.

So social and family pressures would inhibit their play of this under 15 boys team with the US National women’s soccer team. Did they foul the women’s team, did the boys trip adult women and otherwise play rough or was the 5 to 2 loss just the friendliest of friendlies?

If any of the boys got into a fight with one of the female soccer players, their mothers would ground them for a month. A gentleman never hits a lady; no mother wants her teenage son to pick up bad habits. Their fathers too would-be waiting for them at the front door back home to deal out some repercussions for hitting a lady. There could also be uncles to help man the reception committee.

The US women’s soccer team is demanding pay equity with the men’s team, yet they cannot even beat a boy’s soccer team. How does comparable worth work this one out? US women’s soccer did have a one-year contract with a television network but is currently on a pay to view YouTube channel.

This does not matter much because what matters to the pay of elite athletes is TV ratings. Can they put on an exciting show with an uncertain outcome between relatively well-matched players or teams? One-sided games are boring.

The reason men and women play sports separately is when they do so they can have exciting well-matched games with uncertain outcomes that both they enjoyed playing and others enjoyed watching.

This is before we discuss the endorsements market where millions can be made. Top tennis players endorse products that men and women want to wear. Women would certainly have an endorsement advantage in many of the tennis products as an example sold to women.