Understanding the Great Depression

How wasteful is the Oz company tax? @TheAusInstitute @GrattanInst

How wasteful is the Oz company tax? @TheAusInstitute @GrattanInst

Source: The incidence of company tax in Australia, Xavier Rimmer, Jazmine Smith and Sebastian Wende, Australian Treasury working paper.

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Sharp ratios of @NZSuperFund since inception @TaxpayerUnion

The Sharp ratio describes how much excess return you are receiving for the extra volatility that you endure for holding a riskier asset. If manager A generates a return of 15% while manager B generates a return of 12%, it would appear that manager A is a better performer. But if manager A took much larger risks than manager B, manager B may be a better risk-adjusted return.

The Sharpe Ratio such as those below of the NZ Superannuation Fund can be used to compare two funds on how much risk a fund had to bear to earn excess return over the risk-free rate.

Source:New Zealand Superannuation Fund response to Official Information Act request.