The French Connection car chase


The Usual Suspects – the line-up

Sometimes, multiple takes result in a scene you could never have expected. For this film’s famous police line-up sequence, in which a group of thieves meet each other and plan a heist, director Christopher McQuarrie wanted a serious, dangerous tone, but the actors were having too good a time in each other’s company. Numerous takes were spoiled by corpsing, another was interrupted by comically-timed flatulence.

In the end, McQuarries reversed course and used one of the sillier takes in the final cut. It worked perfectly. The scene is now an iconic depiction of camaraderie among thieves, unintentionally reinforcing Kevin Spacey’s voice-over that accompanies it: “You don’t put guys like that into a room together.”

Source: Let’s try that again … the most difficult scenes to film in cinema history | Film | The Guardian