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167 Years Ago Today : Bushfires Burn 5 Million Hectares or A Quarter Of Victoria


Black Thursday post-restorationBlack Thursday, February 6th. 1851, as depicted by William Strutt in 1864

The Black Thursday bushfires were a devastating series of fires that swept through Victoria on February 6, 1851. They are considered the largest Australian bushfires in a populous region in recorded history, with approximately 5 million hectares, or a quarter of Victoria, being burnt. Twelve lives were lost, along with one million sheep and thousands of cattle.

The year preceding the fires was exceptionally hot and dry and this trend continued into the summer of 1851. On Black Thursday, a northerly wind set in early and the temperature in Melbourne was reported to have peaked at 47.2 degrees C (117 degrees F) at 11:00am.

“The temperature became torrid, and on the morning of the 6th of February 1851, the air which blew down from the north resembled the breath of a furnace. A fierce wind arose, gathering strength and velocity from hour to hour…

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SYDNEY Autumn Heatwaves Are Not Uncommon


heat wave ahead.jpg

WITH the mercury topping 38C in Sydney over the weekend (hottest in 78 years), the usual climate ambulance chasers will be sharpening the lead and topping up the ink wells to inscribe “global warming” “climate change” on their “extreme weather” report cards, feeling morally-bound to fashionably link mankind’s activities to the follies of nature.

HOWEVER, heatwaves and fires in Sydney during autumn months, in years of low CO2 are not uncommon …

(2018 atmospheric CO2 levels are currently at ~400 ppm)


24 March 1899

1899 CO2 = 295 ppm

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 7.42.20 am.png


A heatwave reaced Sydney to-day, causing the thermometers to register 90.4deg. in the shade. This heat, though much less than was recently recorded in the southern capitals, was far more enervating, owing to the huge percentage of moisture in the atmosphere. Mr. Russell says that only a dozen times in the history of the…

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SelectaDNA Intruder Spray


CCTV Footage of Fog Cannon Security in action


Swimming pool during an Earthquake


Was Lieutenant Columbo’s first name really Frank?

The columbophile

Portrait 1 What’s in a name…?

Columbo’s first name was a closely guarded secret throughout the series’ 35-year lifespan. Indeed, whenever he was asked by a guest star killer if he had a first name, Columbo would inevitably reply: ‘Lieutenant.’

But most readers will have doubtless seen freeze-frame close-ups of Columbo’s police ID, most notably in Season 1’s Dead Weight, that suggest his name is Frank. And while the name ‘Frank’ is certainly there for the world to see, the bigger question remains: is it canonical?

Lieutenant Columbo first name Lieutenant Frank Columbo, LAPD…

In the opinion of show creators Richard Levinson and William Link, that’s an unequivocal ‘no’. The Lieutenant was never given a first name by them, nor did they ever wish him to have one. Columbo is Columbo, as simple as that. They even insisted that a first name given to Columbo in the script of a Season 1 episode…

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London Police to enforce thoughtcrime, Britain circling the free-speech drain

“It is testament to the long and difficult and strange struggle for free speech in Britain that people have actually been dragged to court and sentenced to prison in this country for the right to imply that deities are gay. It was in 1976, when Gay News published a poem titled ‘The love that dare not speak its name’, which was a fantasy involving a Roman centurion fellating Jesus Christ and bringing him to orgasm. Mary Whitehouse brought a private blasphemy case against Gay News and won: the publisher of the magazine was fined £500 and sentenced to nine months in jail (suspended). In 1976. In many people’s living memory.”

Why Evolution Is True

Several days ago three right-wing white supremacists, Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, and Martin Sellner, were refused entry to the UK (they are Canadian, American, and Austrian, respectively). The reason was that Pettibone and Southern set up a booth in Luton handing out pamphlets claiming that “Allah is a gay god,” while Sellner was going to make a speech at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park. (Isn’t there supposed to be free speech there?) As the BBC reports:

Brittany Pettibone and her boyfriend, Martin Sellner, were refused entry to the UK when they landed at Luton Airport on Friday. They were detained for two days, and then deported. Another activist, Lauren Southern, was refused entry by the Border Force near Calais on Monday. She had planned to meet with the couple and the former leader of the English Defence League, Tommy Robinson.

Sellner, an Austrian and prominent figure in the anti-migration…

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Syria: Seven years of war explained


An employee whose job was to be sacked

The Vision of the Pension Playpen

According to no less an authority than Danny Baker, this story is absolutely true.

Harrods in the sixties employed someone to be sacked- surely the best job in the world.

Apparently  the employee was paid to sit among the boxes on Harrods top-floor smoking his pipe and reading the Sporting Life. From time to time a bell would ring and he would be summoned to a department where an irate customer was  being mollified by the Head of the Department.

Let us say today that Lady Ponsonby-Waffles has discovered one of the precious china teacups she recently purchased is chipped.

The Department Head greets our friend with “Lady Ponsonby-Waffles is a most valued customer, your failure to check the quality of her china cups has led to her current predicament, you sir are fired”

Despite Lady Ponsonby-Waffles pleas for mercy, the Head cannot be swayed. Our friend slopes disconsolately to the exit. Lady Ponsonby-Waffles…

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Russia’s Support of Environmentalists is Paying Off

Green Jihad

Drew Johnson of the Taxpayers Protection Alliance makes an interesting observation in a commentary published in The Wall Street Journal. During late January, a Russian tanker from Siberia carrying natural gas arrived in Boston Harbor in which Johnson points out:

The activist group is organizing online campaigns to oppose every new coal, oil, and natural-gas project. Greenpeace claims it is time to leave fossil fuels “where they belong: in the ground.” The Sierra Club is pushing the U.S. to abandon all fossil fuels, claiming the country is ready for 100% renewable energy.

The nationwide focus he takes, fortunately, isn’t panning out. The federal government is cracking down on eco-terrorist groups.

However, a lot of coal-fired power plants in the northeastern US are closing or have closed down in order to make way for renewable power sources that won’t be able to provide enough energy for northeastern US residents.

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.@oxfam is overfunded. Prioritises recycling over refugee relief @oxfamnz


Is banning child labor really the right solution for countries like Bangladesh?


Bill Maher offers some constructive criticism to Democrats

Why Evolution Is True

“The Democrats are to political courage as Velveeta is to cheese.”
—Bill Maher

In this segment of Bill Maher’s latest show, he calls out Democrats for their lack of courage.  To a large extent I agree with him. Americans are in favor of more gun control, want reasonable controls on immigration, and yet the Democrats are timorous on these issues. To listen to Democratic politicians, you’d almost think they favor completely open borders, something that’s insupportable.

And Democrats have the Republicans, and the country, characterize Nancy Pelosi as a liability despite her remarkable effectiveness as both Speaker of the House and Minority Leader. It’s the Democrats’ fault that they haven’t defended Pelosi more vigorously, and, in truth, I don’t know why (I refuse to believe it’s because she’s a woman, for that would make me deeply ashamed of my party).

At any rate, does anybody really want to call Maher…

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Climate Revisionism 101 : “We Have To Get Rid Of The Medieval Warm Period”



WHEN you are a man-made global warming alarmist prosecuting your case as “unprecedented”, you need to make sure that no recent climate era was as warm or warmer than the present, even if that means having to rewrite the past to fit your theory.

THE Medieval Warm Period, also known as the Medieval Climate Optimum (for obvious reasons) existed a short time ago in the climate record, from c. 950 to c. 1250., and has remained a thorn in the side for modern “global warming” catastrophists…

IN the 1990 IPCC report, the Medieval Warm Period was much warmer than the late 19th century:

THE IPCC’s 1990 report dives deeper into the reality of the Medieval Warm Period and provides an insight into the cause of these warming periods:

“This period of widespread warmth is notable in that there is no evidence that it was accompanied by an increase of…

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Proof We Landed on the Moon is in the Topography


What Happens When A Bird Flies Into A Plane Engine


Two views on tipping


Half of the British population born in 1851 died before they were 50. Half of those born today will reach 95. This trend is not uniquely British.


Saying #AllahisGay can get you banned from entering Britain, apparently