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Interview with David Neumark on minimum wage

Ronald Coase – Great minds of our time

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Ronald H. Coase

It is my great pleasure to finally fulfill my earlier promise to blog about professor Ronald H. Coase (1910 – 2013) in my Great Minds of Our Time series.

As I blogged earlier, “Here is prof. Coase’s 2003 Coase Centennial Speech (500MB QuickTime file, recommend downloading it before you watch it) from Ronald Coase Institute’s online material section.” I now can say I have watched or listened to the video more than three times now, and I am sure I will still learning from it when I watch it again.

I am going to use a different approach to blog about professor Ronald H. Coase for this Great Minds of Our Time entry. Here is my Top 10 list,

  1. Ronald is a really funny and sharp witted man as we clearly can see from his 2003 Coase Centennial Speech.
  2. Well, he does have a Nobel…

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Steven N. S. Cheung on the first Coase theorem


Jordan Peterson on “The Arrogance of the Intellect”

Green Jihad

In his book Intellectuals and Society, Dr. Thomas Sowell points out that we live in times where intellectuals have quite a bit of influence and he provides an in depth look at the intellectual class.

According to Sowell, the high point of intellectual influence was the period between the 1960’s and 1980’s. However, intellectuals somewhat regained influence under the Obama Administration. Sowell also had something to say in his book about environmentalists too. He states:

Everything from economic central planning to environmentalism epitomizes the belief that third party elites know best and should be empowered to over-ride the decisions of others.

Nowhere was this more apparent when Paul Ehrlich advocated for policies geared to shrink populations by enforced sterilization based on his irrational claim that the availability of Earth’s resources to feed people would soon plummet due to overpopulation. Worst part about it, Ehrlich still predicts doom is right…

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