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Entrepreneurship versus the fatal conceit


Does it Feel Good or Does it Do Good? Left vs. Right

Jordan B Peterson on “But That Wasn’t Real Communism, Socialism, or Marxism!”

Early temperance movements were a public health setback

Watching a history of prohibition. Started in 1850s, at least half a century before safe drinking water was freely available such as through tap water. 

Beer was much safer than drinking water until a good way into the 20th century. Initial temperance movement was against hard liquor but quickly was about abstinence.

The compassion of unions towards the minimum waged


Source: page 451 and page 828 of the 3rd edition (1972) of University Economics by Armen Alchian and William Allen; the first part of the quotation is Question #30 at the end of Chapter 22. via Bonus Quotation of the Day… – Cafe Hayek