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.@RossMcKitrick – An Evidence-Based Approach to Pricing CO2 Emissions and carbon tax futures contracts 4 July 2013

@AmnestyNZ claims claims Manus island asylum seekers “can never leave” PNG. 42% returned home so Amnesty complains about that too

“Us” isn’t inclusive! No room for the superiority of Western values: democracy is better, free speech is better, equality of the sexes is better.

Cost of #globalwarming

Who wishes to speak? @CAPD_freespeech

The democracy of Ancient Athens was the birthplace of equal and uninhibited speech. Or Isegoria and parrhesia to the Athenians. Jacob Mchangama guides you through how oratory was central to the idea and practice of Athenian democracy. What Athenian style free speech entailed for ordinary citizens, comedians, philosophers, and orators. How oligarchic coup d’etats twice drowned Athenian free speech in blood and repression. The extreme methods used by Demosthenes to become the greatest orator of antiquity. And of course: the trial of Socrates: Was he a martyr for free speech or an impious and seditious enemy of democracy?