An Orgy of Innovation


More evidence of mass kidnappings of @OxfamNZ @GreenpeaceNZ and other #ODA activists

Mass kidnappings is the only explanation for their failure to dance in the streets celebrating the success of the spread of capitalism to developing countries priming The Great Escape of 1 billion people from extreme poverty inside 20 years.

Source: Data | The World Bank.

Shock, horror! Chinese government statistics are unreliable

My Chinese friends at a Japanese university in 1995 must have been born in the 1970s at the height of the one child policy but always had a younger brother if the first child was female.

The way to tell whether the Chinese student was the daughter of a party member was to ask if they had any brothers or sisters.

Would @GetUp @SenSanders go back in Time Machine to their 1970s glory days?