I once saw a lady in the burqa holding hands with her husband

When some Malaysian and Indonesian Muslim classmates were living in Japan, they just got used to the fact they had to shake people’s hands including men and women shaking each other’s hands. They realise that Westerners would find it unfriendly not to do so.

When I was holidaying in Malaysia, I did not go around trying to shake people’s hands because that is just not their way of interacting.

I never bowed to anyone in Japan either. Japanese accepted handshaking because they knew bowing was just not something that Westerners could live with given their liberated upbringings.

Malaysian holiday resorts are interesting because you can see women in bikinis standing next to women in those burkas that the apologists for Muslim social backwardness say liberate women even more.

Burkas were made of the finest materials. The Malaysia ladies did not wear something as conservative but they were highly colourful as well.

All the latest fashion accessories and jewellery was worn by those in burqas.

I even saw a woman in a burqa holding her husband’s hand while queueing. I did take any photos of this because I thought that was rude. You must remember the manners mother taught you including not making other people feel awkward.