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#AllahIsGay @golrizghahraman & family bigotry against not wearing the #hijab versus coming out as gay

Our politically correct betters defend the right to wear the hijab and to come out as gay.

Are they equally tolerant of hostile reactions by a Christian family against coming out as gay and a Muslim family against a daughter casting off the hijab?

Both involve moral judgements about people expressing their right of free speech and free association.

Rat bags do have rights but you still should call them out as rat bags for doing what they do.

Does the left understand the difference between toleration and approval?

Our green MPs in New Zealand will defend to the death the right to wear the hijab.

They and the Left forgets the I disagree with everything you say or do predicate to defending a right.

The Green MP Catherine Delahunty was right to politely but strongly criticise the modest dress of women at a farm run by a fundamentalist Christian sect in New Zealand and what it stood for in terms of the right to be the author of their own lives:

I looked at the gorgeous, yet regimented girls in their identical clothing and wondered how a physicist, an international lawyer or a plumber might blossom if the only role models she was exposed to were those in her own community. We agreed to disagree, because you can’t argue with religious certainty and a literal interpretation of a religious text.

This community feels they are under attack by people like me and throughout the day the women and men I met did their best to share their vision of a safe, structured and practical world led entirely by men who consult with women. I appreciated their generosity, their hospitality and their candour, but I also felt claustrophobic

Later buying fish and chips in Westport we talked to a group of young women who had chosen to travel down from Rotorua to study deep sea fishing. I found their sturdy independence a relief. Their world may not be so “safe” but they looked like they were living on their own terms.

It is a pity that her fellow green MPs do not extend this willingness to defend rights with a willingness to judge how those rights are exercised.

The fundamentalist Christians are not alone in ostracising those who stand up on their own two feet and chose to be the author of their own lives despite their family’s wishes.

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Why protest the inauguration of the weakest GOP president in modern times?

Those denouncing Trump forget he is the weakest newly elected GOP president in modern times. Trump’s polarising nature rules out his popularity going up that much.

His erratic nature means that his administration will perform poorly because those he appoints to make up his administration, all 4000 of them, do not know what Trump wants because that changes every day. Trump will have to arbitrate all disputes within his administration.

Congress will desert him as soon as it hurts their re-election chances in 2018 where a great many Republican Senate seats are up because they won back the Senate in 2012.

Trump is even weaker than average because a good part of his base do not otherwise vote in elections or they are registered Democrats. This makes his disgruntled base less of a threat in the 2018 Republican primaries.

Trump can only afford to lose 2 Republican senators. The Democratic Senate caucus will be united because opportunities if they can only pick up two Republican votes in the current Senate.

Trump will be an inept President but more socially liberal than any recent GOP president. Protest that.

Before you start on the fact that Trump won the electoral college but not the popular vote, remember the John Kerry to this day believes election fraud in Ohio deprived him of the presidency in 2004 despite losing the popular vote by about 3 million votes. Winning Ohio would have flipped that election.