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Wind & Solar Power: Always & Everywhere Totally Unreliable & Insanely Expensive


The wind and sun might be free, but the true and total cost of wind and solar power is truly astronomical.

Every country that’s hitched its wagon to the subsidised wind and solar scam has seen retail power prices rocket; with no single exception.

Francis Menton has been trawling through the evidence for some time and comes to that very conclusion below.

Rank Innumeracy On The Cost Of Electricity From Renewables
Manhattan Contrarian
Francis Menton
21 February 2023

A recurring theme here at Manhattan Contrarian is that the “smart” people who seek to run the world are not really very smart. They may have gotten high scores on the SATs, and they may have attended fancy universities, but when it comes to practical knowledge of how the world works they are often complete idiots.

A special case of this phenomenon is that the highest gurus of high finance — the…

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Cognitive Capabilities

No Minister

Courtesy of the lovely Maggy Wassilieff over at Kiwiblog comes the result of her investigation into all the wonderful new ideas from our Education Experts.

Maggy has a PhD in Biology and spent decades working on New Zealand environmental issues, as well as teaching.

She’s found a link to their new plans to revamp the School curriculum and strengthen Maths and Literacy teaching – or at least half of it:

Common Practice Model-2023 (Phase 1)

  • Kaiako (teachers) will *recognise that the artefacts, concepts, and ideas of maths are cultural
  • but Ākonga (students) areare encouraged to interrogate dominant discourses and assumptions, including that maths is benign, neutral, and culture-free.
  • This will include terms such as Data sovereignty, humanising mathematics, teaching maths for social justice (TMfSJ),, ethnomathematics,maths + {conscientisation, equity, ethics, citizenship}.

Which is all funny enough but it was the following that caught my eye as Maggy bolded it:


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Permanent No-hopers: Batteries No Solution For Wind & Solar’s Inherent Intermittency


Wind and solar have justly earned the tag ‘unreliables’: sunset and calm weather are inevitable, whereas the so-called ‘inevitable renewable energy transition’, is anything but.

The Germans call it ‘dunkelflaute’ – meaning a period of gloomy, windless weather and a total collapse in output from their more than 30,000 wind turbines and millions of solar panels.

As Andrew Montford outlines below, the unreliables are destined to remain that way, despite all the fast and loose talk about mythical mega-batteries and ‘green’ hydrogen hype.

Why the intermittency problem can’t be solved
Net Zero Watch
Andrew Montford
15 February 2023

I often ask renewables enthusiasts to explain what we are supposed to do when the wind isn’t blowing if we can’t fall back on fossil fuels. The other day, I pressed James Murray, the editor of Business Green magazine, what forms of storage he thought we could use, and this is what…

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March 24, 1603: The Union of the Crowns

European Royal History

James VI- I (June 19, 1566 – March 27, 1625) was King of Scotland as James VI from July 24, 1567 and King of England and Ireland as James I from the union of the Scottish and English crowns on March 24, 1603 until his death in 1625.

James was the son of Queen Mary I of Scotland, and a great-great-grandson of Henry VII, King of England and Lord of Ireland, and thus a potential successor to all three thrones. He succeeded to the Scottish throne at the age of thirteen months, after his mother was compelled to abdicate in his favour.

Four different regents governed during his minority, which ended officially in 1578, though he did not gain full control of his government until 1583

The Union of the Crowns followed the death of James’s cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England, the last monarch of the Tudor dynasty, and…

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Germany Rebels Against EU Ban On Petrol Cars


By Paul Homewood


BERLIN — Germans want to save the climate. They’re just reluctant to take the potentially painful steps this would require.

A growing backlash over climate-friendly policies is now hitting the German Greens, putting wobbles into the country’s three-party ruling coalition.

Not only has Germany been causing a ruckus at the EU level in recent weeks by mounting a last-minute blockade to a proposed ban on combustion engines, but the country is also facing a domestic political fight over phasing out gas and oil heating systems, as well as pushing forward the coal exit.

ll those disputes are linked to fundamental disagreements between the Greens and their two coalition partners, Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Free Democratic Party (FDP), over how the EU’s climate-protection targets should be implemented and what consequences and costs this will have for industry and citizens.

The conflict is not…

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Let Women Speak Event Overwhelmed by Lunatics

No Minister

A small fight broke out as Parker made her way through the barricade to speak to the crowds. She was escorted out again shortly before 11.30am, as crowds booed at her. She appeared to have been pelted by paint.

A Stuff reporter at Albert Park said from the moment Parker entered the barricade, tension between the groups, separated by a ring of barricades, started to boil over.

It took just 3-4 minutes before every side of the barricade had collapsed and counter-protesters had made their way through to surround Parker.

No police could be seen inside where the barricades had stood, and less than 10 security guards worked to keep the crowd from overrunning the band rotunda.

It took only a few more minutes before crowds managed to climb over and Parker was surrounded on all sides.

A group of four security guards formed a human shield around her for…

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The Cranberries – Linger

Win in 9 Moves Against the Fried Liver Attack [TRAPS included]

Top 5 BEST Chess Openings for Beginners

How US weapons transformed the war in Ukraine

Classic Comedy: Dad’s Army – #33 – S04 E07 – Put That Light Out

The Failure of Socialism in Venezuela, Part III

International Liberty

In Part I of this series, I documented the dramatic decline in living standards ever since socialists took power in Venezuela.

In Part II, I compared Venezuela’s decline to the other Latin American nations, particularly the success story of Chile.

Initially, I planned on this being a two-part series. After all, what else needs to be said when a nation does so poorly that even other socialists try (and fail) to disavow its policies.

But I decided to add Part III because of a remarkable report in the New York Times.

Authored by Isayen Herrera and , it actually acknowledges that socialism has created massive problems. Here are some excerpts.

…a socialist revolution once promised equality and an end to the bourgeoisie. Venezuela’s economy imploded nearly a decade ago, prompting a huge outflow of migrants in one of worst crises in modern Latin American history. …Conditions remain dire…

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