Is Bob Brown a Poodle who thinks he is a Rottweiler?

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Senator Bob Brown

For all of the years that Bob Brown has been playing the game of politics he has had a dream run, to some extent he has been a great favourite of the media, trotted out like a prize toy poodle* and lovingly told that he is a good and moral dog his problem now is that he is expected to do the job of a bigger dog and frankly he is just not up too it. It won’t surprise anyone uninfected with the Green disease though because we know that in politics you need to be tougher than the average lap dog to both get your message across and to withstand the inevitable scrutiny of both the media and the voting public.

Now that the Bob Brown is being given the attention and scrutiny that he has craved for so long its clear that he does not…

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reThink: “The Big Short” and the 2008 Financial Crisis

American Elephants

“The arrival of “The Big Short” in movie theaters a few weeks ago and its subsequent nomination at the 88th Academy Awards has reignited interest in the causes of the 2008 financial crisis. The film would have you believe that private greed on Wall Street and a lack of regulation caused the economic crash. ” While stories like this might make for a fun movie, any story that blames “a lack of regulation” in the Obama era clearly does not align with the facts. Surely you don’t believe a movie made in Lefty Hollywood would correctly deal with real economics!

See Peter Wallison’s book “Hidden in Plain Site: What Really Caused the World’s Worst Financial Crisis and Why It Could Happen Again”

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Larry the Chief Mouser defeated in battle

Why Evolution Is True

Larry the Cat is the Official Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, and his brief is to mouse at 10 Downing Street. (There has been such a mouser since the days of Henry VIII!) Sadly, Larry was an ineffectual mouser, and his job (but not his title) has been usurped by Palmerston, a tuxedo cat who mouses well.

As if that humiliation weren’t enough, Larry has now returned to 10 Downing Street after an overnight scrap that seriously damaged his paw and apparently made him lose his collar. Here’s a picture of the injured moggie from the Torygraph piece. He can’t put weight on that front paw.

103694869-larry-the-cat-2-xlarge_trans++cacxJLhRYNFfIcQzQvej-LrPdXDjGAoTf-1f9ZC56Ps Photo credit: Barcroft

It’s not yet clear how Larry came a cropper, but it could be that he’s gotten into yet another scrap with Palmerston, perhaps motivated by jealousy. The Torygraph has reported on and given photos of Larry’s recurrent scraps with…

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#DavidAislabie shares @MaxRashbrooke’s boy’s own view of pre-1984 NZ as an egalitarian paradise

David Aislabie yesterday in the Wanganui Chronicle went beyond Max Rashbrooke’s boy’s own view of the 1970s New Zealand is an egalitarian paradise. Aislabie said

The post-war New Zealand I grew up in was the envy of the world — an egalitarian paradise and a great place to bring up children.

It is a sad irony that the baby boomers who benefited from the welfare state they inherited from their parents’ generation should be responsible for snatching those benefits away from subsequent generations.

At least last year, Max Rashbrooke was good enough to qualify his pre-economic reform egalitarian paradise to not include women and Maori

New Zealand up until the 1980s was fairly egalitarian, apart from Maori and women, our increasing income gap started in the late 1980s and early 1990s,” says Rashbrooke. “These young club members are the first generation to grow up in a New Zealand really starkly divided by income.

Leaving out a good 60% of the population from the pre-1984 New Zealand egalitarian paradise is a bit of a stretch on any paradise.

image Pre-1984 was no paradise to sing that you were glad to be gay; you could have been thrown in jail and many were.