LBJ on the Emancipation Proclamation (1972)


A Message from the Big-6 Pesticide Companies to Green Activists: THANK YOU!!!

The Risk-Monger

The Risk-Monger is breaking with tradition and publishing an article he did not write. But he fully supports the content and hopes people give this some thought (and a smile).

The following is a fictional letter from M-Corporation (a fictional American pesticides-biotech company). It was sent to all members of the SPD (Social Democratic Party), B90/Grüne (Green Party), Die Linken (Left Party) and the relevant NGOs. Although it is fictional, it reflects the thoughts that must be going through the minds of  “Big-6” managers. The longer version in German was sent to all members of the German Parliament on 21 February 2018. The anti-science developments in Germany may be extreme, but it is not unique. This “letter” with its bitter irony may therefore be of interest for people outside this country who believe that political decisions should be based on science rather than populism.

Dear Politicians, NGOs and those campaigning against Green Biotech,

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Why Denmark dominates the World Happiness Report rankings year after year

Because Danes are trapped inside by the cold and snow, families have to talk to each other and as a bonus don’t get taxed on that compared to buying entertainment in the market out of after tax wages and then pay VAT.

Mostly Economics

I had just blogged about this wonderful story of a US citizen living in Denmark for a few days to figure the so called Dane life and happiness.

In this pieceMarie Helweg-Larsen Professor of Psychology at Dickinson College writes on what makes Denmark top happiness rankings year after year. It is something called “hygge” (intimacy and trust) which is behind these rankings:

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Scottish Man Convicted In Hate Crime Trial For Teaching Pug To Give Nazi Salute

Things are are lot better if the priority issue of the day for social justice warriors is a dog owned by a loser.


screen-shot-2016-05-09-at-7-43-09-pmWe previously discussed the case of Mark Meechan who thought it was funny to train his pet pug Buddha to give a Nazi salute when he said “Sieg Heil.” It was a joke and clearly many could find it offensive. However, he was charged criminally and has now been convicted in yet another attack on free speech in the United Kingdom.

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Unaffected by cause and effect?


media-spoonfeeding-cartoon Computer games train killers? Porn leads to sex assaults? You could be forgiven for thinking that we’re all mere ciphers, operating under the influence of whatever the media throw at us: sex, violence and wayward political views (I’ll leave it to you to decide which of those is worse), courtesy of films, TV, video nasties, computer games, music, and so on.

Media effects theory is rather broad in scope, but forms the basis of moral panics. Simply put, if we see people do bad things, we’re influenced to do bad things. To make society better, we have to be stopped from seeing people doing bad things.

In the early 1960s, Bandura’s famous Bobo Doll experiment demonstrated how children can be influenced by behaviour they see on screen… therefore, everyone can be influenced by what they see? Is it really that simple? For the sake of brevity…

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What the Heck is “Hate Speech” Anyway?

Haye speech are fighting words that can lead to immediate lawlessness.

American Elephants

I do worry rather a lot about language, perhaps because I was an English major. More correctly, because the Left attempts to control the dialogue by changing the meaning of words. Immigration or immigrant is one example, by conflating the term with illegal immigrant, illegal alien, (both perfectly acceptable and accurate terms) refugees (and how that word is defined). But I have posed this question before.

The more problematic case of language is much more difficult.  The words are “hate speech.” Exactly what is hate speech? From the current dialogue, it is apparently any speech that you don’t agree with. Clearly that is an impossible definition, yet that is the basic problem in college campuses all across the country.

Students have been taught that they do not have to listen to speech that offends their delicate sensibilities by not agreeing with their preconceived ideas. Enough professors have…

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There Are Some Conversations That Shake Up Your Ideas. This Is One of Them.

American Elephants

You probably remember Charles Murray’s speech at Middlebury College back in March last year, that essentially turned into a riot. This video was made about a week after the embarrassing incident. I had never seen it before, and found it to be not only fascinating but a little frightening.

We had lots of similar embarrassing occasions on college campuses across the country since, but the events all have a similarity. Students have no understanding of the meaning of the free speech clause in the Constitution,  and are unprepared to hear speech with which they do not agree, Dr. Murray, a noted political scientist, was invited to speak at the campus by Middlebury Professor and Political Scientist Allison Stanger.

One of the first sources to report on the melee was The American Interest should you need a reminder of what transpired. The involved students should have been disciplined, suspended, or just…

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It’s OK if you can’t pronounce foreign words

“It’s not exactly trivial to mentally break down a foreign word, realize it contains sequences not in your native language, and then find a way of repairing that word so that it fits with the rest of the patterns in your language.”


Early in September, Vanessa Ruiz, a news anchor at 12News Arizona, caused a mini-controversy with the way she pronounces Spanish words on air. Ruiz is a native speaker of Spanish, and viewers were getting upset that she rolled her “r” when saying words of Spanish origin. She defended herself by claiming that she was only pronouncing the words “the way they were meant to be said”, although not everyone appreciated this response.

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Good division of skills and challenges

The Man Who Most Believed in Himself

The Bully Pulpit

“[Franklin] Roosevelt faced formidable challenges as president, but he never doubted that he would cope with them, for he believed that he belonged in the White House. He had sat on Grover Cleveland’s knee, cast his first vote for Uncle Teddy, and seen Woodrow Wilson at close range; but the office seemed peculiarly his almost as a birthright. As Richard Neustadt has observed: ‘Roosevelt, almost alone among our Presidents, had no conception of the office to live up to; he was it. His image of the office was himself-in-office.’ He loved the majesty of the position, relished its powers, and rejoiced in the opportunity it offered for achievement. ‘The essence of Roosevelt’s Presidency,’ Clinton Rossiter has written, ‘was his airy eagerness to meet the age head on. Thanks to his flair for drama, he acted as if never in all history had there been times like our own.’

A Washington…

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