The Cruel Hypocrisy: West Drops Wind Power as it Forces ‘Fake Electricity’ on the World’s Poor


Eiffel Tower Night Run on ‘real’ electricity: the City of Light,
brought to you courtesy of the Atom.


After the Paris Climate Jamboree, the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers are licking their chops at the prospect of having the rich world fund the construction of millions of these things in the dark corners of the Planet. Sensible first world economies have tumbled (albeit, belatedly) to the fact the wind power is patent nonsense.

Paris, aka ‘The City of Light’ has been lit up by nuclear power for over 50 years, and that’s not about to change any time soon.


Britain has seen the light and has scrapped subsidies to wind power, with the number of threatened wind farms going from a roar to a whimper:

UK Wind Industry Collapses as David Cameron Slashes Subsidies for Wind Power

The Spanish were beguiled for a while by the wind industry’s promises of millions…

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Hearts of Darkness: Richest Nations Push Unreliable Renewables to Keep Africans Forever Poor


There’s something altogether cynical about well-healed nations forcing the impoverished to embrace expensive and unreliable wind and solar. It is, of course, all done in the name of ‘saving the planet’. [Note to Ed: Not to mention saving the manufacturers of industrial wind turbines and solar panels, who are struggling back home].

As any economist specialising in development will eagerly tell you, the first step out of poverty for the Third World’s unfortunates is access to reliable and affordable energy. Relieving households of the daily drudgery of gathering sticks and dung to cook and heat homes; providing light and electricity to those homes by which the children might read and become educated; pumping and purifying the water they use; and giving a reliable source of power to miners, manufacturers, food processors and the like is – if you’re serious about creating a path out of poverty – all to the…

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.@cwcalomiris “Thinking Historically about Banking Crises and Bailouts”

Socialist efficiency is back in the news

8. Precise-looking numbers can fool people and policy-makers

Andrew Sullivan on the Democratic candidates

Why Evolution Is True

Andrew Sullivan’s “Intelligencer” column is a breath of fresh air in an increasingly woke New York Magazine. His Friday pieces are usually in three parts, and this week’s (click on screenshot below) is no exception. The three topics are, in order, the progress we’ve made in gay rights and women’s rights, and those who deny it (Sullivan doesn’t mention the demonization of Steve Pinker for his progressivism), the Democratic candidates with Sullivan’s assessment, and a bit of “shade” thrown at Meghan Markle for marrying into the royal family, knowing what she was getting into, and then kvetching about it. (“Sorry, but if you choose to marry into royalty, you have to take the rough with the smooth: The fame and luxury of being a princess comes packaged with bad press, intrusive photographers, and constant public duty. If Meghan didn’t expect this, it’s hard to understand how not.”)

Surprisingly, Andrew…

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Stigler on Smith on competition


Lost on the woke


Mao Against Everyone – China at War and Civil War – WW2 – 073 – January 18, 1941

Doomsday Climate Predictions: Wrong Then, Wrong Now

PA Pundits - International

From the team at CFACT ~

How many doomsday predictions about the Earth’s climate must fail before they finally get broadly ignored and dismissed out of hand? Considering the track record of climate predictions that turned out to be false, we are well passed the moment of ridicule.

The latest climate prediction fiasco, about glaciers disappearing in Glacier National Park by 2020, is the latest reminder of the falsity of the man-made global warming movement.  It’s 2020; the glaciers remain.

Predictions of climate catastrophe drone on, and get more hysterical, including many from the same people whose credibility was destroyed long ago. Yet, the climate alarmists remain undaunted and impervious to embarrassment. Instead, they simply move the goal posts by predicting more planetary weather Armageddon in the future and proposing more insanely expensive solutions to “address” it (notice they rarely promise to reverse assumed man-made warming).

It is not just…

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