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Little change in NZ GDP because of global warming by 2060? @jamespeshaw @EricCrampton

From The Economic Consequences of Climate Change – OECD 2015



Paul Ehrlich really has lost touch with reality

Nacu-Schmidt, A., Oonk, D., Pearman, O., Boykoff, M., Daly, M., McAllister, L., and McNatt, M. (2017). United States Coverage of Climate Change or Global Warming, 2000-2017. Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, University of Colorado, Web. [Date of access.]

So @Greenpeace only supports free speech when it is sued for lying @GreenpeaceNZ

Source: ExxonSecrets Factsheet.

@Greenpeace destroyed test crops so they could spend 20 years saying there isn’t enough testing @GreenpeaceNZ

Seinfeld Economics: The Shower Head (black markets)

Has ethical investing ever beaten the market? @GreenpeaceNZ

VFTSX is the Vanguard social investing index fund – a fund that invests in an index made up of ethical investing funds.image

Source: VFTSX Vanguard FTSE Social Index Inv Fund VFTSX Quote Price News.