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10 Funniest Movie Moments That Were Unscripted

Top court forces Ireland to strengthen climate plans

Tallbloke's Talkshop

Irish wind farm [image credit: RTG @ Wikipedia]
Climate virtue signalling comes back to bite vote-chasing politicians, who expected they could dump many of the potentially unpopular decisions on taxes and spending arising from their 2015 law onto a later government. They now have to lay out plans for the next 30 years, long after their mandate to govern.
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Judges ruled the government’s national mitigation plan fell “well short” of what was needed to meet Ireland’s climate commitments, ordering a more ambitious strategy, as Climate Home News reports.

The Irish government has been ordered to take more aggressive action on climate change, following a ruling by the country’s top judges.

In a judgment published today [31/07/2020], the supreme court said Ireland’s existing emission cutting plans fell “well short” of what was required to meet its climate commitments and must be replaced with a more ambitious strategy.

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The Growth Pattern of British Children, 1850-1975

The Long Run

By Pei Gao (NYU Shanghai) & Eric B. Schneider (LSE)

The full article from this blog is forthcoming in the Economic History Review and is currently available on Early View.

Gao4 HMS Indefatigable with HMS Diadem (1898) in the Gulf of St. Lawrence 1901. Available at Wikimedia Commons.

Since the mid-nineteenth century, the average height of adult British men increased by 11 centimetres. This increase in final height reflects improvements in living standards and health, and provides insights on the growth pattern of children which has been comparatively neglected. Child growth is very sensitive to economic and social conditions: children with limited nutrition or who suffer from chronic disease, grow more slowly than healthy children. Thus, to achieve such a large increase in adult height, health conditions must have improved dramatically for children since the mid-nineteenth century.

Our paper seeks to understand how child growth changed over time…

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  1. BACKGROUND: Climate scientists have determined that the use of fossil fuels since the industrial revolution has caused carbon dug up from under the ground to be released into the atmosphere. It is argued that because fossil fuel carbon is not part of the current account of the carbon cycle it acts as a perturbation that causes atmospheric CO2 concentration to rise and thereby to cause warming by way of the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide. Climate scientists have also determined that such warming is unnatural, human caused, and harmful to nature and to the planet itself and that therefore it cannot be allowed to continue. Climate scientists have therefore…

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No Minister

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Last week and with another hat of mine on I was engaged on some case work for the Ministry of Social Development. The departmental officials I was working with were bemoaning the dearth of private rental accommodation in Northland. They said there was an increasing trend that saw private landlords selling up and exiting the market.

And then over at Kiwiblog today a guest post on the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill being pushed through parliament this week under urgency so I decided to have a look at the Bill. You can access it at http://legislation.govt.nz/bill/government/2020/0218/latest/LMS294929.html Two observations …

Clause 36 amends Section 51 of the principal Act and provides that a landlord may only seek to terminate a tenancy if the tenant has been in at least five working days in arrears the rent over three separate occasions in a period of 90 days.

Clause 37 inserts a new Section…

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Power Brawl: Labor Backbenchers Revolt Over Ludicrous Wind & Solar Energy Targets


Having lost the un-loseable election in May last year, an angry rump of Labor backbenchers is keen to ditch the party’s suicidal renewable energy policies, with a view to recovering the ground they lost trying to win the sandalista vote in the inner city goat’s cheese circle.

Australia’s economic future depends, in no small part, on getting the ALP to decouple itself from the lunatic fringes of the hard-green left, and to start thinking about reliable and affordable power, of the kind that fuels industry growth and jobs.

Whatever policies are directed at recovering from the coronavirus lockdown, without reliable and affordable power Australia’s energy hungry businesses are doomed. With rocketing power prices, and an intermittent supply, mineral processors and manufacturers are terminal, and have been for years.

Politicians and academic boffins have been giving lip service to improving Australia’s “resilience” and “self-sufficiency”, resulting in the renaissance of Australian…

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The IQ Taboo | Glenn Loury & Amy Wax

Gender and aboriginal imprisonment @Greens

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