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Even small minimum wage increase have ambiguous employment effects under monopsonistic competition


Tullock on when freedom peaked


Elizabeth Warren Wants to Be President. Very Bad Idea.

American Elephants

Elizabeth Warren has moved into second place among the vast array of Democrats wanting to be president. Presumably because no one is listening to what she has to say.  Let me review a few bits:

She promises to Import at least 700% more refugees to the U.S.

She wants a total moratorium on all new fossil fuel leases.

She promises on her “first day” as president to set up a commission to investigate U.S. Crimes against immigrants.

Warren’s Immigration plan will decriminalize illegal immigration, end the detention of border crossers.

Crossing the border illegally should not be a criminal offense.

Warren is committed to ending the Israeli occupation of Palestine (?)

A New tax on the Rich will pay for day care for every newborn in the U.S.

Then a new wealth tax will take care of her modest $1.25 trillion debt-and-tuition deal, a tax on “Wall Street Speculators

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Friedman Fundamentals: What We Learned About 70% Tax Rates 50 Years Ago

BDS is failing – the never ending story (July 2019)

Here’s the latest installment in our ongoing series of posts documenting BDS fails.


German Protestant church cancels BDS event linked to Palestinian terrorism

The Protestant Church of Germany has canceled an event that was scheduled to feature two hardcore pro-BDS activists, one of whom has ties to fund-raising for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, which the EU and the US have designated a terrorist organization.

“We at Church Day have a clear attitude and have therefore asked the @rosaluxstiftung to disinvite the controversial speakers or to cancel the event,” the church tweeted on Thursday. “The foundation has canceled the event planned for Friday.”

‘Jerusalem Post’ exposé leads to closure of BDS group’s bank account in Germany

After a series of Jerusalem Post investigative reports on the bank account of the pro-BDS group Jewish Voice for a Just Peace in the Middle East, the German Bank for…

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Labour antisemitism isn’t about the complaints process. It’s about ideology.

Israeli academic Shany Mor provided some clarity on a major element of the Labour antisemitism scandal that’s typically ignored, even by those who’ve been the most outspoken in their opposition to the rise of Jew hatred under Jeremy Corbyn.

The IHRA Working Definition of Antisemitism itself – which Corbyn tried unsuccessfully to resist – states clearly that “criticism of Israel similar to that leveled against any other country cannot be regarded as antisemitic”.

But, such regular criticism is not what Mor is referring to. 

He’s calling out, as central to the Corbyn ideology, the pathological, obsessive hatred of Israel, one which views the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a binary story of good and evil, and which views the Jewish state – indeed any Jewish state – as inherently (indeed, irredeemably) racist, and morally beyond the pale.  It’s this ideology – or, as Mor put it, theology – which invariably leads to the conclusion…

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If Pinker is bad, I must be worse

Why Evolution Is True

The other day I posted Steve Pinker’s discussion of his connections with convicted sexual predator Jeffrey Epstein, now facing additional charges in New York that will likely put him away for the rest of his life. Pinker, who had been accused of consorting with Epstein—indeed, of being complicit in Epstein’s crimes by ignoring them or not publicly criticizing the man—dispelled this idea, saying that he finds Epstein’s behavior, as revealed by the media and court documents, reprehensible.

Pinker added that he never liked Epstein, never took money from him, but did do one small task interpreting a statute for Alan Dershowitz, who was defending Epstein in his first set of charges (a task that Pinker now says he regrets). And Pinker sometimes found himself at meetings with Epstein, like Lawrence Krauss’s Origins Project anniversary celebration.

Pinker’s explanation, of course, was deemed insufficient, and I should have predicted that. Those determined…

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Ilhan Omar, lobbying, and hatred

Why Evolution Is True

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, like Ilhan Omar, is from Somalia.  Hirsi Ali underwent extensive Islamist brainwashing to make her hate Jews, which she describes in the article below from the Wall Street Journal. (It’s paywalled, but judicious inquiry might yield a copy.)

Hirsi Ali’s description of the Jew-hatred endemic in Islam, and how it’s drilled into you at every turn, is scary.  It happens at home, it happens in the mosques, it happens in the madrassas, and, since in countries like Somalia, Islam is both a personal faith and a public ideology, you can’t avoid it.

Say what you will about Judaism, the inculcated hatred of Muslims and Islam is not endemic in that faith. Sure, you can probably find instances of rabbis teaching others to despise Islam, but you’d be hard pressed to make the case that formal education in hatred of the “other” is equally pervasive in both Judaism…

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