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It is a stretch to say that New Zealand Greens have accepted that adaptation is the only proper response to the threat of global warming. Nonetheless, their call for a plan for adaptation is an acceptance that more must be done than hoping for the best that a massively expensive international public good will be …

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What I admire most about John Howard was his decision to intervene in East Timor to stop massacres, which were a by-product of succession struggles within TNI. Howard didn’t have to do that. He didn’t. If there ever was a prime directive in Australian national security policy, more so than have a great and powerful …

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HT: http://marginalrevolution.com/marginalrevolution/2015/01/thomas-c-schelling-on-why-international-terrorism-is-so-rare.html

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Thomas Schelling’s crucial contribution in 1968 at RAND was the notion of statistical lives—mortality risks—in  contrast to valuing the lives of specific, identified individuals. His insight was that economists could evade the moral thicket of valuing life and instead focus on people’s willingness to trade-off money for small reductions in the risks they face.

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Table of Contents: 1) Early Life – 0:37 2) Outbreak of World War II – 2:32 3) Studying During the War – 5:45 4) Negotiating the Marshall Plan – 7:40 5) Academia and Government Service – 11:14 6) Self-Taught in Game Theory – 13:14 7) “Games and Decisions” – 14:47 8) The RAND Corp. & …

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Tom Schelling has been involved with the global warming debate since chairing a commission on the subject for President Carter in 1980. Schelling is an economist who specialises in strategy so he focuses on climate change as a bargaining problem. Schelling drew in his experiences with the negotiation of the Marshall Plan and NATO. International …

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Thomas Schelling (and Robert Aumann) did terrible things such as work out how not to blunder into wars and how to deter wars rather than have to actually fight them. Schelling’s unique contribution at the Rand Corporation involved viewing strategic situations as bargaining processes. Focusing on the stand-off between the United States and the Soviet …

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Thomas Schelling 1962 We cannot abolish conventional wars for the same reason: Thomas Schelling 1961 While I have your attention, imagine if all nuclear weapons were abolished: Thomas Schelling 2009 Compare the sleepy world we have now with one where the first country to reacquire one nuclear weapon would be dominant. Some practice a variation of …

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The foreign policy of the Old Right of the Republican Party is undergoing a revival through the now retired Congressmen Ron Paul and now his son, Senator Rand Paul. They are the joint heirs of the Old Right of the Republican Party and Senator Robert A. Taft. In The Republican Road Not Taken: The Foreign-Policy …

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