What Is The Best Way To Measure Poverty in Britain?


On the economics of “Acting White”

There is much to be learned from the economics and sociology of oppositional identities.

As Roland Fryer pointed out, what is most important to the average 13-year-old is to be popular. Among some minorities, being popular and being smart are not compatible.

My analysis confirms that acting white is a vexing reality within a subset of American schools.

But Fryer also found that “In predominantly black schools, I find no evidence at all that getting good grades adversely affects students’ popularity”

Source: “Acting White” The social price paid by the best and brightest minority students by ROLAND G. FRYER, EducationNext 2006.

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Ardern said there had been market failures in New Zealand such as … most people’s incomes not keeping up with inflation…

Source: Economist Bill Rosenberg details how low and middle-income wages have been hollowed out as higher earners experienced greater growth while those below them had to work more hours each week | interest.co.nz.

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