Friedman Fundamentals: What We Learned About 70% Tax Rates 50 Years Ago


Defining feature of the left is taxing the rich more will pay for everything


The toll of a capital gains tax on entrepreneurship and innovation is far greater than previously thought @TaxpayersUnion

Chad Jones is a trouble maker on top tax rates @paulkrugman

Chad Jones’ awkward remarks on top tax rates and innovation spillovers

@PikettyLeMonde pension fund socialism has finished taking over #capitalism #Piketty

Peter Drucker first pointed out in the 70s that the retirement savings of ordinary workers will end up opening the majority of public listed companies. That day has come much to the disappointment of the Leftover Left ranging from Thomas Piketty to Max Rashbrooke.image 

Source: CONVERSABLE ECONOMIST: US Corporate Stock: The Transition in Who Owns It.

Any call for higher taxes on investment incomes and capital and even tax havens is an attack on the retirement savings of ordinary workers.

#NeverTrump but why no #neverBernie, only #feelthebern?

Why have no Democrats formed the equivalent of #NeverTrump?

Bernie Sanders is not even a member of their party. Have they no principles?

Many of their republican opponents do in rejecting Trump and planning to vote for either Clinton or Gary Johnson.


Sanders is an old socialist throwback whose economic policies would plunge the American economy into a deep recession harming most of all those that Democrats claim to represent.

Sander’s mind is just as inflexible as that of Trump as is his unwillingness to learn from events.