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How strict are eligibility criteria for #unemployment benefits in #OECD and #EU countries? oe.cd/14y http://t.co/MDjzhSz98l— OECD Publications (@OECD_Pubs) July 30, 2015 More than 42m are unemployed in the #OECD area – around 10m more than before the #crisis oe.cd/14v #jobs http://t.co/ElEZ579bCw— OECD Publications (@OECD_Pubs) July 29, 2015 The recovery is underway, but time is running …

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RNZ: Govt advised in 2013 "social mobility" approach won't materially address child poverty. rnz.to/1RwVWoj http://t.co/nfd2gY0qcH— Alastair Thompson (@althecat) July 14, 2015 Figure 1: child poverty (%) in New Zealand (before and after housing costs), 1982 – 2013 Source: Bryan Perry, Household incomes in New Zealand: Trends in indicators of inequality and hardship 1982 to 2013. …

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Figure 1: Net gain after income taxes, Social Security contributions and benefit reductions after a 5% minimum wage increase for a lone parent family Source: OECD Focus on Minimum Wages after the crisis 2015

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Helpful distinctions for family thinking: structure, stability & strength (&.. how related) @inclusionist @mboteach http://t.co/zMi92WYUhi— Richard V. Reeves (@RichardvReeves) January 13, 2015

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Over half of all births to young adults in the U.S. now occur outside of marriage. bit.ly/1qONO10 http://t.co/KXl4sFd122— Isabel Sawhill (@isawhill) September 17, 2014 Despite forgoing #marriage, young Americans are not forgoing parenthood. bit.ly/1sMG2bJ http://t.co/1aSELaJlfg— Isabel Sawhill (@isawhill) October 31, 2014 Despite forgoing #marriage, young Americans are not forgoing #parenthood. bit.ly/1xLa1AJ http://t.co/fetnPAiCPG— Isabel Sawhill (@isawhill) …

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How government reduces child poverty (SPM-measured) in the U.S. bit.ly/1D7eXjZ From: @aecfkidscount http://t.co/80m2jjXxvY— Richard V. Reeves (@RichardvReeves) April 16, 2015 To tackle poverty, the Left says welfare, the Right says work. Guess what? They're both right: brook.gs/1zSabJI http://t.co/E4AZR05CQJ— Richard V. Reeves (@RichardvReeves) February 13, 2015 The magic of (increasing) redistribution in one @EugeneSteuerle graph blog.metrotrends.org/2015/02/addres… …

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The welfare state has a long history of providing some of its support to the needy in kind rather than in cash. This can range from soup kitchens to public housing as well as food stamps. In the USA, food stamps provide provide food-purchasing assistance for low- and no-income people living. Food stamps can only …

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I have reanalysed data published by the Peterson Institute on the true levels of social expenditure across the industrialised countries for the Anglo-Saxon countries. Figure 1: gross public social expenditures in OECD countries, 2011 Source: POLICY BRIEF 15-4: The True Levels of Government and Social Expenditures in Advanced Economies. When you just look at gross …

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