A balancing act: Why inequality increased in the Nordics


Mr. Jon Pareliussen, Economist, Sweden/Finland desk, Economics Department

The Nordics are rightly renowned for being inclusive societies with low inequality compared to other OECD countries. However, some of the largest inequality increases over the past few decades took place in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. A newly released article  building on previous OECD work discusses how market forces, demographic trends and redistribution together shaped the income distribution of the Nordics.

It may seem like a paradox that the Nordics, which are very open economies, heavily integrated in global value chains and front-runners in the use of new technologies, have not seen even more widening distributions of market incomes. However, the extent to which skill-biased technological change and other forces widening the earnings distribution of workers will actually drive up inequality depends on a number of factors, and key policies and institutions in the Nordics play a dampening role. First, institutions such as unions…

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“Libertarian” Niskanen Center Joins in Municipal Climate Racketeering Scheme

Green Jihad

A harrowing blog post at the Niskanen Center’s blog details the think tank throwing its hat in the ring with Leftist-controlled municipalities of Boulder and San Miguel Counties in Colorado to help destroy fossil fuel companies.

Fossil fuel companies are the targets of numerous municipal lawsuits alleging corporations, like Exxon-Mobil and Royal Dutch Shell, intentionally hid research of their own scientists knowing that burning fossil fuels causes climate change. The Niskanen Center alleges:

In a paean to the virtues of common law relative to statutory law, an essay published in 2016 by the Cato Institute observes that the “imperative to please constituencies means that the information legislatures codify often comes from well-organized interests with substantial resources. Special-interest pleading is a hallmark of legislation and regulation. Judges in common law courts have fewer of the perverse incentives than [sic] legislators and regulators do.” In short, “the interests of legislators and…

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Why Seinfeld Doesn’t Play Colleges

A lower bar for Christians?

Why Evolution Is True

Today’s Doonesbury, sent by reader Taskin, shows clearly how much American churches have had to bend on dogma and faith to retain their flocks.  Or is this simply a way to show that Trump is still an exponent of “Christian values”?

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Earth Day: Selling hysteria since 1970

Green Jihad

Brian Lilley of Rebel Media reports the creepy things done in schools to brainwash children about Earth Day and environmentalism. He exposes a weird pledge educators make children recite in some schools. It’s like a cult.

Remember when we were told to prepare for the coming ice age during the 1970’s? Why are we still here?

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Tom Ballard at the Marxism 2018 Conference – Tonightly With Tom Ballard

Watch Chris Rock Explain How Trump Can Lead To The Next Obama

Hollywood’s directors have big egos too

The roll must be cut! Moody cat eats chicken skin and meat

Leonard P. Liggio: The Libertarian Perspective on Law, Legislation, and War

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