Day: July 7, 2019

Suzanne Vega – Luka


Western Civility Not Left-Wing Savagery

Green Jihad

The Left’s origins were a reaction to the Enlightenment, in which the fountainhead of their movement is Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The Left is fundamentally opposed to rationality as evidenced by their hostility to science, technology and, civilization. Instead they teach that primitive cultures (i.e. the barbaric or savage) are the ideal human condition. Regardless if it is their National Socialist cousins of the late 1930s or present-day environmentalist terrorists, Leftists have always harbored affections for mass movements based on barbarism and savagery.

The progress achieved by Western Civilization is the legacy of our embracing the ideas of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment (a.k.s. the Age of Reason). Parts of the world that expressly dismiss or are not influenced by rational, Western thought tend to be Third World or so-called developing countries. Consequently, Leftists seek to bolster and defend Third Worlder feelings and even their cultural manners in which they bristle at…

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