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Dad’s Army

Don’t Tell Him Pike is the single funniest clip from the funniest BBC comedy of all time.

More on Dad’s Army is at the Dad’s Army Appreciation Society.

All of Dad’s Army is on YouTube including Deadly Attachment from which the above clip is from.

On 14 May 1940 the Secretary of State for War, Anthony Eden, gave a radio broadcast announcing the formation of the Local Defence Volunteers (later renamed the Home Guard).

Eden called on men between the ages of 17 and 65 who were not in military service but who wished to defend their country against an invasion to enrol at their local police station.

250,000 volunteers attempting to sign up in the first seven days; by July this number increased to 1.5 million wanting to defend their freedom.

Underneath all the satire of Dad’s Army, that courage and patriotic commitment is plain.