On playing God at Pharmac

20+ treatments have a higher priority than Keytruda. The Chief Executive of Pharmac just said that in a television interview. I was declined access to that information when I requested it under the Official Information Act.

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I unsuccessfully tried to get a list of all the drugs that has had a stronger case for funding than Keytruda. The Labor Party wants that to be given priority – jump the queue.

I asked for the cost of each drug that is above Keytruda and the cut-off point for PHARMAC funding of drugs in the last four years. The first part about the cost of drugs was refused on commercial in confidence grounds.

My inquiries about a list of drugs queued up for funding that will get funding as soon as money becomes available lead to an intriguing answer by Pharmac in their response to my Official Information Act request:

For the second part of your request, PHARMAC makes its funding decisions based on its legislative objective, ‘to secure…the best health outcomes that can reasonably be achieved from pharmaceutical treatment and from within the amount of funding. Therefore…

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