IARC’s Glyphosate Debacle: Sinking deeper into their pit of hypocrisy

The Risk-Monger

After exposing the IARC-gate scandal, I was hoping to leave that horrid little hornets’ nest and move on to more serious issues coming out of more serious organisations … but the relentless hypocrisy emanating from this “scientific” agency has become the gift that keeps on giving. Everything IARC (the International Agency for Research on Cancer) says about themselves (and they say a lot!) flies in the face of facts. In this blog, I will discuss how IARC has been hypocritical on four key points:

  • They tell everyone they are transparent, but they recently denied sharing information for a US freedom of information act request that would have exposed how US scientists allegedly had an influence on the glyphosate monograph.
  • They tell everyone they do not have conflicts of interest, yet their glyphosate monograph was infected by activist lobbyists from the get-go!
  • They tell everyone they are using the best…

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