How Green Hypocrites Use Energy Illiteracy to Pray on the Gullible and Naive



In Australia, at least, education has been reduced to helping our little darlings understand why they feel the way they do.

The hard graft of maths and science has given way to gender theory. Little wonder that the current generation have no idea how energy is produced, how much is consumed and who or what consumes it: let’s call it ‘energy illiteracy’.

But it’s not just the young that suffer from a lack of even a basic understanding of how power is produced.

With a few exceptions, politicians of every hue in this country exhibit their ignorance of the operation of electricity grids and power markets every time they open their mouths.

The result is one class of fools leading another; the blind leading the naked.

The intellectual vacuum thus created has allowed the wind cult to fill the void with lies and myths. Start with the language. Electricity generated…

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