The Death of Logic and Reason at University

This post was authored by Austin Henshaw.

If the purpose of a college education is for students to learn, the academy is failing in its mission, according to Richard Arum’s Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses.

The book cites data from self-reported student surveys and analyzes transcripts to show that many college students have minimal classwork expectations comparative to the past. Former Governor of North Carolina, James G. Martin laments “As a former college Chemistry teacher, I have become increasingly concerned that there is too little commitment to academic rigor on our campuses.”  The book tracked the academic gains of a sample of 2,300 students of traditional college age enrolled at multiple four-year colleges and universities. The students took the Collegiate Learning Assessment (which is designed to measure gains in critical thinking and analytic reasoning) at various points before and during their college educations, and the results…

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