Communist Restaurant Closes After Customers Get Tired of Waiting in Lines

There’s an old joke (or perhaps “observation” is a better word) that if socialists understood economics, there wouldn’t be any socialists.

But who can blame them for trying? There’s no better way to prove your philosophy than by living it, and capitalists have been proving their system works by starting their own businesses. Meanwhile, you’re more likely to find a socialist asking what kind of milk you want with your latte than running a business, but that was going to change when a group of socialists opened up a restaurant in Grand Rapids, Michigan, governing the business with their socialist ideals.

The restaurant originally named “Bartertown” was a collective, meaning the business was employee-owned. They owned the “means of production” in other words, there are no bosses. All workers received equal pay and had an equal share in decisions made for the business. Waiters didn’t receive tips either, because what…

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