Carpetbaggers: American NGO Activists in Brussels

The Risk-Monger

The life of an environmental activist in Washington is pretty tough. The US government does not give her millions of dollars to hold secret meetings. The risk-based regulatory process means she has to produce evidence to get anyone to listen to her. The legislators are actually elected and accountable to real people (not the PR-concocted “Us”). The public are concerned about jobs and growth, not idealism and manufactured fears. Precaution is a normal human reaction and not an artificial policy tool for opportunists without integrity. Add a pro-business narcissist in the White House and I can understand why American activists are angry all the time.

Fortunately, there are greener pastures for American activists in Brussels.

In Brussels these activists can take their emotion-laden campaigns into a hazard-based regulatory environment where precaution is the policy impulse and fear-mongerers are welcome at the table. So if you were an American flush with…

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