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Most of the political humor that reaches my inbox is somewhat partisan, which is not what I want. My goal is to mock leftists and statists, not Democrats (though I couldn’t resist sharing this anti-Obama joke from a Republican friend).

But I also enjoy genuinely clever political humor, which is why I’m more than happy to share jokes on a non-ideological basis. And I hope that’s apparent in the one-liners I share from the late-night talk show hosts.

To demonstrate my non-partisan bona fides, I asked the other day for readers to send in jokes and cartoons, particularly ones that don’t necessarily target the big-government crowd.

Ask and ye shall receive. Here’s a very worthy contribution.

Is it an accurate portrayal of libertarianism? Of course not. But effective humor takes something that is true and applies it in an absurd fashion. Which is why I’ve always enjoyed this…

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