Universities UK persists in approving sex-segregated seating, Telegraph editorial decries it

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[UPDATE by Matthew Cobb: As some commenters have pointed out below, UUK have withdrawn their advice, including deleting it from their website pending further legal comment. They accept that it would be wrong to impose sex-segregation, but they have doubts about the legal situation were it to be ‘voluntary’. More here.]

The story of Universities UK (“UUK,” a consortium of university vice chancellors) and its approval of sex-segregated seating for Muslims (or, perhaps Orthodox Jews) continues. I’ve posted about it only briefly as others have covered it elsewhere, but it’s not a pretty tale. For UUK, cowed by fears of Muslim “offense,” tentatively endorsed the right of university groups to make men and women sit apart.  Their excuse was pathetic; according to a story in late November in the Telegraph:

[UUK] have issued guidance which suggests that segregation is likely to be acceptable as long as…

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