Ireland Drops Blasphemy Prosecution Of Actor Because Not Enough People Were Outraged


As we discussed yesterday, the Irish people have remained committed to holding the ignoble status of a Western country prosecuting people for blasphemy with its sister jurisdictions in Iran, Saudi Arabia and other repressive governments.  Even when the Irish government seeks to avoid the obvious denial of free speech under its blasphemy law, it only makes the entire country look even more ridiculous. That is the case with the decision to drop the criminal investigation of famous actor Stephen Fry.  In a television interview, Fry merely asked why he should  “respect a capricious, mean-minded, stupid god who creates a world…. full of injustice.”  He was asked about his view of religion and he answered.  A citizen then said that, while he was not insulted, the comment still constituted blasphemy and should be investigated. Now the police have said that they decided to drop the investigation after concluding an insufficient number of people…

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