Review: Up From the Pojects-The Legacy of Walter E. Willams

Kuo's Gulch

Dr. Walter E. Williams is an amazingeconomist lesser known than Dr. Thomas Sowell, nonetheless he provided profound influence in my thinking and deserves to be mentioned.

Dr. Williams grew up in West Philadelphia, a poor neighbourhood in a single parent household. Despite their poverty,his mother always made sure to provide for him and his sister enough to be “cultured”. His mother valued education and would fight tooth and nail forher children, which is whyDr. Williams grew up reading books rather than watching television (similarity echoed in Dr. Ben Carson’s childhood). From an early age, he noticed the ghettosprawling mandated by the so called social programmes to improve the lives of the poor actually had devastating effectin the community. Small businessmoved out due to high crime rates, people needed to travel farther to do their business and the cost of having insurance, bulletproof glass, security guard is a direct burden on…

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