Blatant hypocrisy: Milo Yiannopouos now part of demonstration to cancel a graduation speaker

Why Evolution Is True

Yes, what I’ll recount is blatant hypocrisy on Milo’s part, for he’s always called for free speech, and, demonized by the Left, he was for a while its poster boy. But now he’s joined Pamela Geller’s #CancelSarsour movement: a protest against the City University of New York’s (CUNY’s) invitation to Sarsour to be the graduation speaker at their commencement for Public Health students.

Sarsour is a nasty piece of work, a supporter of the BDS movement, a supporter of sharia law, and someone who once issued this tweet:

She apparently failed to realize that some of Hirsi Ali’s genitals have already been “taken away” by FGM

And these (at least two of all of these have been deleted):

You can see more of these tweets here.

Geller. who I’m not particularly fond of, details some of Sarsour’s other questionable views and actions. But in the doublethink endemic to…

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