Taming the “Wildcats” – U of Arizona hires student snitches to make its campus PC

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Summary: Sometimes, rarely, we get a glimpse of what the future would have been if we had chosen differently. The University of Arizona attempts to build its own stasi, a network of paid political officers (informing & indoctrinating) to enforce the dicta of its social justice warriors. It’s a inverted repeat of the late 1960s politics plus drugs and sex anti-establishment campus liberation movements. It’s what we might have seen across America during the Hillary years.

“Hegel says somewhere that all great historic facts and personages occur twice, so to speak. He forgot to add: ‘Once as tragedy, and again as farce.’”
— Opening of Karl Marx’s The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte (1869).

Turning the Wildcats into tame pussies.

Arizona Wildcats

University of Arizona: “Social Justice Advocates Recruitment Information”

“The Social Justice Advocates (SJA) Position is one that is grounded in the multicultural competency framework and allows student staff to gain…

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